Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Increasing synchro level and what it brings you

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Increasing synchro level and what it brings you

 Synchro Level is one of many mechanics in Xenoblade Chronicles 3's combat system. Synchro Level can make combat a whole lot easier, but it's easy to miss how to increase Synchro Level and exactly what its effects are. We explain to you how the system works.

What does the synchro stage do?

The Synchro stage has two different functions related to the Ouroboros form. When you trigger Ouroboros Form, the Synchro Level determines how quickly the Ouroboros Special Charges up. If the synchro level is at 0, then you can only charge the special technique once before the heat bar is full. If the synchro level is at 3 (maximum level) then you will easily be able to perform two or even three special moves in one cycle.

The second function: If you trigger an attack chain and the synchro level is at 3, you start directly in the Ouroboros form (must be activated beforehand). Both forms of pairing come into play here and you are guaranteed to dish out a lot of damage without any effort.

Ideally, at synchro level 3, first, perform a few special moves, and just before the Ouroboros form overheats, activate the attack chain for maximum damage.

How to charge the special technique

It's not enough just to have a high synchro level. Of course, you also need to know how to charge up the special technique in order to benefit from the synchro level. The special bar charges whenever you attach techniques to auto-attacks. For this, you have to perform a technique exactly when the auto attack hits.

In the Soul Tree, you can purchase the Unlock Tech Link ability for all Ouroboros forms. This allows you to connect techniques to techniques, which also charges the special bar. But keep in mind that this will also fill the heat bar faster.

How to increase synchro level

The Synchro level does not increase randomly, but you have a clear influence on it. In order to increase Synchro Level, you must perform Fusion Techniques. You can use fusion techniques when a master technique (d-pad) and a normal technique (X, Y, B) are operational. Then hold ZL and activate the corresponding fusion of both techniques with X, Y, or B.

Master techniques are basically just techniques from other classes that you unlock by leveling up the class and can use independently of the class. It is therefore important that you keep changing classes to obtain master techniques, otherwise, you will not be able to activate fusion techniques and ultimately not increase the synchro level.

Both characters of synchronization have an influence on the synchro level (Noah & Mio, Lanz & Sena, Eunie & Taion). For example, if you're playing Noah and the Synchro level increases without your intervention, it's because Mio can also increase the Synchro level with Noah using her fusion techniques.

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