Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unlock all heroes and classes - Game guide

 Heroes are special characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that you can add to your team as a seventh character. In addition, you unlock new classes with heroes, which can then take over and level up your main characters. In this guide, we show you all heroes and tell you how to get them.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unlock all heroes and classes - Game guide

How you recruit heroes

To get a new hero, you always have to complete a corresponding hero mission beforehand. There are 19 heroes in total . You unlock most of them optionally, but there are also some that you get automatically during the course of the main story. Many of the heroes are commanders of colonies. You must therefore find the colonies in the game world and liberate them to unlock the heroes or get their heroic mission.

In new areas, always open the map and check if there are any mission events marked with a "?". However, mission events are not necessarily heroic missions, but can also be normal side missions. Some Heroic Missions can also be obtained through Talking Points if you have previously gathered relevant information. Below we go into more detail about each hero.


Class: Lightning Fencer

Heroic Mission: Courage and Gratitude (recommended level: 17)

Mission area: Fornis

You will get the mission in chapter 3 automatically if you have to complete the side quest “Intelligence Gathering” in Colony 4. You discuss "Problems in Colony 4" and unlock the heroic mission. You must complete the mission to advance in the story. Ethel will only be available to you as a heroine for a short time at first, as your paths diverge in the story. Your characters can still use their class.


Class: War Healer

Heroic Mission: Friend of All Levniss (recommended level: 20)

Mission area: Fornis

You will get the mission automatically in Chapter 3 when you exit Colony 4 towards Ribbi Plains. You reach a point where you have to climb up a rock face. You get this ability through Valdi, so you have to complete the heroic mission inevitably.


Class: Protection Commander

Heroic Mission: Feeling Home (recommended level: 22)

Mission area: Aetia

After preparing your departure from Colony 4 in Chapter 3, you can get the information "The situation in Colony 9" in front of the hangar in Colony 4. Discuss the topic to get the heroic mission. Help Zeon liberate Colony 9 from the Moebius and he will join you.

Riku & Manana

Class: Mjamsmith

Heroic Mission: What Nopon Want (Recommended Level: 24)

Mission area: Pentelas

When you traverse the Uraya Tunnels area in Chapter 3, you will inevitably come across this mission at the beginning. You embark on a gem hunt in the tunnel, where Riku & Manana ultimately find a way to fight and support you.


Class: Thaumaturge

Heroic Mission: The Character of Power (Recommended Level: 25)

Mission area: Aetia

If you return to Colony 9 and recruit Zeon, you may also be strong enough to complete this mission directly. The heroic mission starts at the "?" in western Aetia in the Alfeto Valley. With Kyrie you make your way to Colony Gamma, where Mio and her group come from. Then you have to cross the mountains with Commander Sydow to the Panoramafels. During this mission you will also unlock the special talent “Uphill Sprint”.


Class: Titan Jaguar

Heroic Mission: Gray Zone (recommended level: 26)

Mission area: Aetia

You accept this mission by investigating the "?" in eastern Aetia at Mumur Hill in Millick Fields. To reach the spot, you need the special talent “Climb Walls”. So you must first recruit Valdi before you can tackle this task. At the mentioned point you will meet the mysterious man Grey. After the cutscene you have to follow his footsteps to finally recruit him at the end.


Class: Strategos

Heroic Mission: Iron Resolve (recommended level: 27)

Mission area: Pentelas

After liberating Lambda Colony, you must talk to Isurd in his commander's tent in Chapter 4 to start this mission. Investigate the collapse in the mine with Isurd and help him with the freaked out auto-levs to then win him over to your group.


Class: Hunter

Heroic Mission: Natural Selection (Recommended Level: 31)

Mission area: Pentelas

You get this heroic mission automatically in Chapter 4 of the main story when passing Maktha Forest. Shortly after your arrival you will meet Juniper and her group there. You must complete this heroic mission and you will automatically receive Juniper. Recruiting them will unlock the Zipline special talent.


Class: Lone Exile

Heroic Mission: The Eternal Combatant (recommended level: 36)

Mission area: Schloss-Keves-surroundings

When you reach the Castle Keves outskirts in Chapter 4, you will land practically right in front of the "?" of this heroic mission, which is in front of the west gate of Colony 11. Here you will meet Ashera, with whom you will fight your way through hordes of enemies to recapture Colony 11.


Class: Frontline Fighter

Heroic Mission: Always One Step Ahead (recommended level: 40)

Mission area: Fornis

You'll likely find this mission very early in Chapter 3, probably shortly after Ethel's mission. It's the "?" southwest of Colony 4 on Elaice Road at the "Dies Stone Gate" travel point. Here you will be attacked by Agnus soldiers and then Alexandria will appear. You should be able to master this step the first time, since the soldiers are at level 23.

But you don't get the heroic mission yet. To do this, you must cross the Elaice Strait and at the end reach the colony of Iota in the west, where you will challenge Alexandria. However, the enemies here are above level 40, so you will have to take care of this heroic mission later.


Class: Lost Vanguard

Heroic Mission: Vandham's Legacy (Recommended Level: 43)

Mission area: City

Monica joins you briefly throughout Chapter 5 until you reach the City. However, if you want to permanently unlock her as a heroine, you must complete her heroic mission, which you receive via a topic of conversation. To do this, you have to eavesdrop on the two NPCs that are in the north of the city between the command room and the "module storage" travel point. You will receive the information "Guernica Vandham". Discuss the topic at a rest point to start Monica's heroic mission.


Class: Martial Artist

Hero Mission: –

Mission area: Cadensia

Ghondor joins you automatically during the main story in Chapter 6. For once, recruiting them doesn't require you to complete a heroic mission.


Class: Troubadour

Hero Mission: Subplot - Mio (Recommended Level: 50)

Mission area: Aetia (upper level)

You have to free Miyabi during the heroic mission "Subplot: Mio". It is imperative that you complete this subplot during Chapter 6 of the main story. So you can't miss Miyabi.


Class: Seraph

Heroic Mission: Twist of Fate (recommended level: 52)

Mission area: Aetia (upper level)

You can recruit Cammmuravi directly to Miyabi. After completing Mio's subplot, a "?" will appear at the Omega Colony. There you start the heroic mission for Cammuravi.

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