Disney Dreamlight Valley Expand, improve and enlarge the house - Game Guide

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley you can enlarge your house and beautify it from the outside. You can also create new rooms and expand several floors to make room for all the different furniture and decorative items. At this point, we will show you how you can improve and expand your house and how many coins it will cost you.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Expand, improve and enlarge the house - Game Guide

Unlock house improvements

Before you can upgrade your house, you must first make some progress in the game and complete Scrooge McDuck's first quests. So follow his quests and invest 1,000 coins in his shop so he can open it. You can't miss Dagobert, he's in the center of the main square in front of his shop.

The further steps of his quest require you to craft furniture, place signposts, craft flower pots and sell gems at Goofy's shop. In the course, Dagobert will then upgrade your first house for free.

From now on you will find Scrooge's shield outside your house. If you interact with the shield, you can carry out further upgrades for increasing prices, which beautify the house on the outside and create more storage space in your chest. In the house, you can now also enter an elevator on the left and expand your house with larger and more rooms and add new floors.

Improve the exterior of the house

So that your house looks good on the outside and the ugly boarded-up windows quickly disappear, you can currently carry out three further upgrades via Scrooge's shield. Each upgrade has the nice side effect that you unlock an additional row of storage space in your chest inside (an old-timer chest made of dark wood).

The costs and benefits of further upgrades are as follows:

  • First upgrade
    • 2,000 coins
    • External beautification
    • Extra row in storage chest
  • Second upgrade
    • 20,000 coins
    • External beautification
    • Extra row in storage chest
    • The second floor is unlocked in the house
  • Third Upgrade
    • 75,000 coins
    • External beautification
    • Extra row in storage chest
    • The third floor is unlocked in the house
As you can see, the upgrades are expensive. In the linked guide, we will tell you how you can earn money and farm quickly.

Enlarge house & buy rooms

To expand your interior space in the house, enter the elevator on the left side in the entrance area. Here you can first enlarge your first room twice. The first upgrade costs you 1,000 coins and the second upgrade 2,000 coins.

In the next step, you can add up to three rooms per floor of different sizes, which are connected to the main room via doors. The costs are as follows:

  • 6x6 fields (1,000)
  • 8x8 fields (2,000)
  • 10x10 fields (3,000)
You can also name the rooms here to distinguish them better. For example, you can create different themed rooms according to different characters from the Disney universe.

Additional floors cost

If you want more rooms, you can add more floors to your house. There seems to be no upper limit here and you can expand each floor in the same way as the ground floor. The cost of additional floors increases exponentially and looks like this:

  1. Floor (Available from the start)
  2. Floor (3,000 coins)
  3. Floor (4,500 coins)
  4. Floor (6,800 coins)
  5. Floor (10,200 coins)
  6. Floor (15,300 coins)
  7. Floor (23,000 coins)
  8. Floor (34,500 coins)
  9. Floor (51,800 coins)
  10. Floor (77,700 coins)
  11. Floor (117,000 coins)
  12. Floor (176,000 coins)
  13. Floor (264,000 coins)
  14. Floor (396,000 coins)
  15. Floor (594,000 coins)
  16. Floor (891,000 coins)
  17. Floor (1 million coins)
  18. Floor (1 million coins)
  19. Floor (1 million coins)
  20. Floor (1 million coins)

Upgrading all floors costs a bunch of cash. At the moment it probably doesn't make much sense to expand all floors, since there isn't that much furniture and decorative items to fill the rooms yet. If you expand all floors, you have a total of 80 rooms available.

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