Disney Dreamlight Valley Find all 3 Sunstone Fragments for Mother Gothel - Game Guide

 In Mother Gothel's quest "The Sunstone Fragments" you should find the fragments of the Sunstone, which is broken into three pieces. The fragments only appear at certain times in certain places in the valley. We will show you the localities and quest solutions here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Find all 3 Sunstone Fragments for Mother Gothel - Game Guide

Start "The Sunstone Fragments".

You can start this task as soon as you have reached friendship level 7 with Mother Gothel. You must also have unlocked the "Sunny Plains" biome and made some progress on Merlin's quests. Talk to Gothel and she will tell you about the Sunstone.

This one is broken into three fragments that only appear at certain times in certain locations in the village. In this quest, you have to pay attention to the time of day. We strongly advise against using time travel, as this can lead to serious bugs in the game, which in the worst case can destroy your saved game.

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Below we describe the exact locations of the three fragments and when you can collect them.

Fragment in the Forest of Valor (at night)

The Dusk Fragment appears during the evening and night hours to the southeast of the Forest of Valor. Look out for a floating shiny fragment that spawns after sunset.

Fragment at the Glade of Trust (noon)

The Noon Fragment appears northwest of the Glade of Trust next to a tree if you search here at around 12:00 p.m. or in the afternoon.

Fragment on the sunny plain (morning)

The Dawn Fragment spawns in the morning hours just south of the bend in the river on the Sunny Plains. If you are a morning grouch, you can also search here after midnight, then the fragment will already spawn.

Once you have found all the fragments, return to Mother Gothel and hand them over to complete the quest. Next, continue with the quest "Village Project: The Restoration of the Sunstone".

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