Disney Dreamlight Valley Find and catch zander - Game Guide

 The walleye is one of the most difficult fish to catch in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as a bug makes the task a lot harder. At this point, we show you where you can find zander and fish.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Find and catch zander - Game Guide

Find and catch zander

The zander is only found in waters on the sunny plain. This area is just west of the main square and can be unlocked by spending 7,000 Dreamlight. Just do back-to-back Dreamlight Obligations to earn the Dreamlight you need quickly.

On the sunny plain, there is a river and a pond where you can fish. Unfortunately, as of September 22, 2022, there is a bug in the game that prevents bubbles from appearing on the waters of the Sunny Plains. Since the zander is the only fish that only occurs here, catching it is extremely difficult.

Of course, you can still try to fish anywhere in Sunny Plains waters. With a bit of luck, you can catch zander. However, the chance is extremely low without bubbles.

We also completed Moiana's quest "The Repair of the Boat" upgraded her fishing boat to the maximum and checked whether she might bring back any zander from her fishing trips for you. However, we didn't have any luck here either, so zander doesn't seem to be among the fish that Moiana can bring for you.

As soon as an update fixes the bug in the sunny plains and zander fishing becomes easier, we will update this guide accordingly. Elsewhere we also show you how you can best find shrimp or farm dream shards.

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