Disney Dreamlight Valley Find & Mine All Gems (with Sell Prices) - Game Guide

 In Disney Dreamlight Valley there are 9 different gems that can be mined in the different regions of the game. At this point, we will show you where you can find amethysts, aquamarines, citrines, diamonds, emeralds, garnets, peridots, topazes, and tourmalines and their selling prices in the list.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Find & Mine All Gems (with Sell Prices)

Find, mine & farm gems

Gems are very valuable and are often required for certain quests such as "The Secret Door" or "The Lost Prince". Mainly, however, they are a very good source of income to be able to make money. Gems in later regions, for example, can bring you up to 2,400 gold each.

You can only mine gems from boulders (mineral deposits), which you can always find along the edge of a region. These respawn again and again in the same place after a few minutes, so that you can lay out farm routes to walk them and dismantle them with your pickaxe.

If you want to farm gems effectively, always let yourself be accompanied by a resident with the dependency bonus for minerals. This doubles the loot when mining. The chance for this increases higher the more residents have this bonus and the higher your friendship level with them is.

Boulders have a different loot pool depending on the region with different gems that you can loot. In the following list you can see all gems with localities and sales prices. Note that the shiny variants are rarer, but also have higher selling prices.

List of localities and selling prices

Edelsteinlocalityselling price
AmethystForgotten Land, Frozen Heights500
Shiny amethystForgotten Land, Frozen Heights2.000
AquamarinShimmering Beach, Forest of Valor250
Shiny aquamarineShimmering Beach, Forest of Valor1.000
CitrineSunny plain, glade of trust380
Shiny citrineSunny plain, glade of trust1.500
Diamondforgotten land600
Shiny diamondforgotten land2.400
EmeraldForest of Valor, Glade of Faith325
Brilliant EmeraldForest of Valor, Glade of Faith1.300
GrenadePeaceful Meadow, Main Square160
Shiny garnetPeaceful Meadow, Main Square640
PeridotDazzling Beach, Peaceful Meadow200
Shiny peridotDazzling Beach, Peaceful Meadow800
Topazmain square240
Brilliant topazmain square960
TourmalineIcy heights, sunny plains420
Shiny tourmalineIcy heights, sunny plains1.600

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