Disney Dreamlight Valley Find Shrimp (Dinner With A Friend) - Game Guide

 Shrimp are one of the harder-to-catch sea creatures in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To make matters worse, some quests like "Dinner with a Friend" require you to turn in multiple shrimp. At this point, we will therefore show you where you can best find shrimp.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Find Shrimp (Dinner With A Friend) - Game Guide

Find & farm shrimp

Shrimp can only be found on the Shimmering Beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To do this you have to fish by the bubbles on the sea and hope that one of the shrimp bites. It can happen that you don't have a shrimp on the hook even after many attempts.

In order to have better chances, you should mainly fish for blue bubbles, since shrimp can usually bite here. You will have little success with the white and orange bubbles.

In our opinion, the best spot for shrimp on the beach is at the west end. Directly to the right of Donald's houseboat, we mostly got shrimp when fishing blue bubbles.

Another source of supply for shrimp can also be Moiana's fishing boat. To do this, visit Moiana in her realm via the middle portal on the ground floor of the dream castle and complete her quests so that she can come to the valley and set up camp there.

Complete her quest "The Repair of the Boat" here until you have set up her fishing boat on the beach. Moiana will then automatically catch fish for you, which you can pick up again after a while. There can also be shrimp among the loot here, although what kind of fish you get from her is random. You can upgrade Moiana's boat with gold so she can catch more and rarer fish. This increases your chance of shrimp.

You often need shrimp for cooking recipes , as gifts for your residents or for quests. For example, Goofy's "Dinner with a Friend" quest requires you to catch two shrimp for a bouillabaise.

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