Disney Dreamlight Valley Find worms and solve Bury the Eel - Game Guide

 "Bury the Eel" is the first quest you receive from Maui when he moves to your village. He's missing coconuts in the village and has an unusual method of growing some. You should actually catch an eel and plant it. Watch our video to see where you can find the worms you need and how to complete the entire task!

This is how you get worms

After unlocking Vaina and then completing the quest A Feast Fit for a Demigod, Maui will move into your village. Once you reach Friendship Level 2 and gain access to Shiny Beach, you will receive the Bury the Eel quest from him. First, you need to get the following things:

Sunlight Forest Adventure Walkthrou...
Sunlight Forest Adventure Walkthrough

  • 8x softwood
  • 3x worms

The softwood won't be a problem as you can find it almost everywhere and especially in the first areas (Main Square and Peaceful Meadow) you can collect it very quickly.

The worms, on the other hand, are more difficult to find. Goofy tells you that you need to dig up the worms from the glowing spots near ponds. So examine the three ponds in the Peaceful Meadow and dig up the glowing spots. However, you will not dig up worms at every point. It is best to take a friend with the digging ability with you, in order to ideally increase the yield.

This is how you get worms

Make a trap and place at the quay

Next, you have to craft a trap with the softwood and the worms. If you go to a workbench, however, you will not find a "pot" in the list. Contrary to what is formulated in the task description, you have to craft a "fish trap".

Then you have to attach the fish trap to the quay. The boardwalk you are looking for is in the south of Shiny Beach, next to Goofy's booth. You have to place the fish trap somewhere in the water next to the wooden pier.

Catch eel, bury it and get coconuts

After a conversation with Maui, it is now time to fish for the eel. To do this, go back to the quay, from where you will see a gold glowing bubbling spot in the water. Catch an eel here, but note that you won't necessarily pull an eel out of the water on your first try.

Show Maui the eel and return to the beach. Dig a hole somewhere with the shovel and bury the eel. Water the plant and wait about 5 minutes for the coconut tree to grow. Then harvest the coconut and give it to Maui to successfully complete the quest. You unlock coconut palms that will grow on the beach from now on.

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