Disney Dreamlight Valley The Heart of Dreamlight Valley (Find Water) - Game Guide

 In Maui's final friendship quest, "The Heart of Dreamlight Valley," you're tasked with repairing a heart crystal and need to find various ingredients, as well as water from the frozen heights and the forgotten lands. In our walkthrough, we guide you through all the steps of Maui's Quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Heart of Dreamlight Valley (Find Water) - Game Guide

Start "The Heart of Dreamlight Valley".

To start Maui's final quest, you must first have made quest progress with Merlin and unlocked the Forest of Valor, Frozen Heights, and Forgotten Lands biomes. Have you then reached friendship level 10 with Maui, talk to him.

First, he gives you the task of removing the encrustation from the limestone that you found in Maui's previous quest. So go to any workbench and craft the Purified Limestone under the "Functional Items" category.

Take it to Maui, who will find part of the heart of Dreamlight Valley inside. You should look for the other part by the fountain at the top of the castle.

Find the piece of heart by the fountain

Go to the dream castle in the north and run up the stairs to the highest level. Here you will find the well you are looking for and next to it is the piece of heart on the ground.

Find the piece of heart by the fountain

Then talk to Maui and then to Merlin, who will give you the task of gathering ingredients for a spell that will repair the heart. On the one hand, you should produce 3x purified night shards. For this, you need 15x night shards (dig at glittering spots in the ground) and 3x dream shards.

You should also collect water samples from two different regions.

Find water from the icy heights

You can find this water sample in the north of the frozen heights on the right bank of the river.

Find water from the forgotten land

At the small pond in southeast of the forgotten land, you will find the second water sample.

Repair and place Heart of Dreamlight Valley

With all the ingredients you have collected, you can repair the Heart of Dreamlight Valley at the workbench under the "Potions and Enchantments" category. In the last step of the quest, you only have to place the heart at the fountain in the dream castle and finally talk to Maui.

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