Disney Dreamlight Valley Restoring the Sunstone - Craft Fragment of Dawn - Game Guide

 In Mother Gothel's quest "Village Project: Restoring the Sunstone" you have to restore the Fragment of the Dawn and find seawater, among other things. In our walkthrough, we guide you through all the steps of the quest and also show you the locations of all solar meteorites.

Start "Village Project: Restoring the Sunstone".

You can start this quest from Mother Gothel after you have found all 3 Sunstone Fragments for her. She explains that the Sunstone can only be restored after the fragments have been powered.

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First, you should take care of the Fragment of Dawn and have to collect various ingredients for it.

find seawater

You should collect the following 4 ingredients:

  • Lemon: Can you pick from lemon trees.
  • Oregano: Grows as a plant in the ground in the main square and can be picked by you.
  • Mint: Grows as a plant in the ground on the Frozen Heights and can be picked by you.
  • Sea Water: Can be found at Iridescent Beach. 

Restore Fragment of Dawn

Once you have collected all the ingredients, go to any cooking station and combine the 4 ingredients with the Fragment of Dawn. Note that you have to search for the seawater and the fragment in the quest category when cooking to be able to select it.

As a result, you will receive the Gleaming Fragment of Dawn, which you must take to Mother Gothel. Next, she gives you the Fragment of Dusk to bury in the Forgotten Land.

Restore Fragment of Dusk

Use your shovel to dig up the earth anywhere in the forgotten land. Here you can plant the fragment like a seed and then water it. Then wait until the next day and dig up the recovered fragment when it glows under the ground.

Bring the gleaming fragment of dusk back to Mother Gothel. She will now cast a spell that will rain solar meteorites from the sky.

Find all 5 solar meteorites

Mother Gothel sends you to the forgotten land to find all 5 solar meteorites that fell from the sky. These are burning rocks stuck in the ground. We have marked all 5 locations for you on the following map:

Find all 5 solar meteorites

Make Sunstone

Return the solar meteorites to Mother Gothel. She will give you the Bundle of Glistening Fragments, which you must combine at a workbench along with the meteorite parts to restore the Sunstone. Then go back to Mother Gothel to complete the quest.

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