Disney Dreamlight Valley The Treasure Hunt Part 1 & 2 - Find Key Pieces & Chest - Game Guide

 In his last friendship tasks "The Treasure Hunt Part 1 and Part 2", Scrooge McDuck sends you on a hunt for memories, key parts, and a chest with a large treasure of money. In our walkthrough, we guide you through all the steps of this extensive mission.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Treasure Hunt Part 1 & 2 - Find Key Pieces & Chest

Start the treasure hunt part 1

You can start the first part of the treasure hunt with Scrooge McDuck as soon as you reach friendship level 8 with him and have unlocked the "Iridescent Beach" and "Glory of Trust" biomes. At the start of the mission he gives you a coin that you have to use from your backpack to unlock a memory (see image above).

Then talk to Scrooge about the memory. You must now find the areas shown in the memory and search them for clues to piece together a treasure map. The exact locations of the clues are described below.

Map Piece #1 on Shimmering Beach

Part of the memory shows the transition between the Iridescent Beach and the Forest of Valor. To the left of that, you can dig in the sand at a glittering spot to find the first piece of the map.

Map Piece #2 in Merlin's house

The next part of the treasure map is in front of Merlin's desk in his house on the peaceful meadow.

Map Piece #3 at the Glade of Trust

The last bit is before the shore near the waterfall to the north of the Glade of Trust.

Start the treasure hunt part 2

You can only start the second part of the treasure hunt after you have improved the friendship with Scrooge to the maximum level 10 and unlocked the "Frozen Heights" and "Forgotten Lands" biomes. Scrooge first gives you the task of showing the treasure map to Merlin so that he can decipher it.

Merlin will then give you the treasure map back and you must now open it from your backpack to get another reminder that shows you the treasure map. On it, three red "X" symbols mark the locations of two key parts and the chest with the treasure.

Then talk to Scrooge so he gives you the Glasses of Shadows. You now have to equip them in the wardrobe menu. Only with the Goggles of Shadows equipped can you see the glitter on the ground where the key parts and the chest are buried.

Key part #1

The first key piece is buried in the southeast corner of the Glade of Trust. As a reminder, you can only see the glitter in the ground if you're wearing the Goggles of Shadows!

Key part #2

The second key piece is buried in the south of the Forest of Valor to the left of the pillar.

chest with the treasure

The chest with the treasure is buried in the northeast corner of the Frozen Heights

Make Key to Treasure

Return to Scrooge with all the treasure pieces so that he will give you one last task. I want you to put the two key pieces together with some gold. For this, you need two gold bars, which you can produce at a workbench. For this, you need a total of 4x coal ore and 20x gold nuggets. The latter can only be mined from mineral deposits in the sunny plains, in the icy heights, and in the forgotten land.

Then craft the Treasure Key at a workbench and give it to Scrooge to complete the treasure hunt. As a reward, he will give you your share of the treasure (2,000 gold coins) and his last friendship gift (safe furniture).

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