Disney Dreamlight Valley Unlock Slush Ice Cream (The Unknown Flavor) - Game Guide

 If you want to make different types of ice cream in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to find slush ice cream first. You unlock this ingredient via Remy's quest "The Unknown Flavor" and we'll show you here how to complete the quest and get Slush Ice Cream.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Unlock Slush Ice Cream (The Unknown Flavor) - Game Guide

Start "The Unknown Flavor".

Before you can get Slush Ice, you must first** have increased Remy's friendship level to level 10** and complete all of his previous quests (including Remy's Recipe Book ). In addition, you must have unlocked WALL-E, as well as the Sunny Plains, Freezing Heights, and Iridescent Beach.

If all conditions are met, you can talk to Remy and start the task. He wants to create a magical dessert and you should first talk to Melin if he can help. He gives you the task of finding his notes.

Does Sonic Have Sugar-Free Slushies?
Does Sonic Have Sugar-Free Slushies?

Find Merlin's Notes

Merlin's notes are in his house. If you haven't already placed it elsewhere, it is originally located west of the Tranquil Meadow.** Inside the house, check the bookshelf to find Merlin's Notes.**

Find Merlin's Notes

The notes tell you the ingredients for the dessert. The next step is to make three Cleaned Nightshards.

Craft Purified Nightshard Powder

You can craft Cleansed Nightshards at the workbench for 5x Nightshards and 1x Dreamshard each. You can almost always get night shards by digging at glittering spots on the ground with your shovel. You can also find Dream Shards this way. You can read more methods in the linked guide.

Then bring the cleaned night shards to WALL-E so that he will crush them for you and you will receive cleaned night shard powder.

Find snowballs & make mud ice

As the last ingredient, you have to find 15 snowballs. You can find these mainly in the icy heights if you destroy the ice rocks there with your pickaxe. If you don't have the upgrade for your pickaxe yet, follow Elsa's tasks first.

Then combine the snowballs and Nightshard Powder at a workbench to create Slush Ice.

Unlock Vanilla Ice Cream & Slush Ice Cream

Now give the slushy ice cream to Remy so that he can give you the recipe for vanilla ice cream. You can use this in your inventory so that it ends up in your recipe book. For the preparation you need:

  • Milk: You can buy it in Remy's restaurant.
  • Slush Ice: Can be bought at Remy's Restaurant.
  • Sugar Cane: You can buy sugar cane or the seeds for it from Goofy's upgraded booth on the shimmering beach.
  • Vanilla: Vanilla is a spice that grows in the soil on the Sunny Plains and can be picked by you periodically.
Prepare the vanilla ice cream and talk to Remy to complete the quest. You can now buy slush ice permanently for 150 coins each in Remy's restaurant.

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