FIFA 23 Position change by the position modifier - Game Guide

 In FIFA Ultimate mode in FIFA 23, you can change a player's position. However, this year you need the consumable idem position modifier for this. In the following, we explain how this works and what you have to pay attention to.

Change of position in FUT 23

FIFA 23 has not only changed the chemistry system in FUT but also how you change the position of a player.

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In FUT 23 each player has a limited number of positions, one main position, and up to 3 alternate positions. Only when the player plays in his main position can he get chemistry points and contribute chemistry to the team.

However, his rating remains the same even if he does not play in his regular position. You will not get any further penalty for the player not standing in his main position.

If you deploy a player to one of their alternate positions, it still doesn't count as their home position and so they still can't get chemistry points. To change its position, you need the consumable item "Position Modifier" (more on that below).

If a player is playing outside of their main position, you can tell by having an exclamation mark next to that player in the squad overview. We show you the following example image:

4 players are not on their main position, that's why you see the exclamation mark on their cards. (Image source: Screenshot gametips)
4 players are not on their main position, that's why you see the exclamation mark on their cards. (Image source: Screenshot gametips)

Get & use the position modifier

If you want to customize a player's position, you will need the Position Modifier consumable item, it's the only positional item left in FUT now.

You can either get the consumable item in packs or buy it on the transfer market, where it is listed under "Consumable Items". Any retraining of position always requires a "position modifier". So without the item, you can't constantly switch back and forth. However, you can only retrain the player within their alternate positions.

We illustrate it with the example of our player Herrera, who is set up as ZDM in the picture above. As you can see above, Herrera's card has an exclamation mark because he is set up as ZDM since his main position is ZM. To see a player's alternate positions, simply press R3/RS (PS/Xbox) on their map to bring up their player details and you'll see them there.

If you want to perform a position change , go to the player's map, press Square/X (PS/Xbox), then select "Apply consumable item". You then use the consumable item "Position Modifier", after which you can choose which position you want to retrain him to. In our example you can now make Herrera a ZDM or a ZOM (see picture above).

And that's about it. Just remember: Each individual position change requires the consumable item "Position Modifier" and you can only retrain the player to one of their respective alternative positions.

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