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NBA 2K23 MyCareer, best archetypes and positions according to teams

 In NBA 2K23, it is important to choose your team well in MyCareer. You are given three interesting franchises to join depending on the positions.

NBA 2K23 MyCareer, best archetypes and positions according to teams

One of the most popular modes for NBA 2K23 players is MyCareer, which allows you to develop your own player and decide his destiny. In order to better understand the beginning of your career, we offer you a guide that will give you advice on choosing your team according to your position and the orientation of your build.

In this guide, we have chosen three interesting teams to join according to each position and of course, all can try to play in the playoffs.

Which team to choose if you play point guard on NBA 2K23?

CrewRecommended build

Boston CelticsThe Celtics have a relatively young and talented team with Tatum or even Brown. However, this formation needs a creative point guard who can score in order to be a 3rd offensive option.

New Orleans PelicansThe last trade deadline allowed the Pelicans to greatly strengthen themselves with the arrival of CJ McCollum. Associated with Ingram and Williamson, this franchise is a dream. If you want to make a name for yourself, a point guard who focuses on organization in order to get the full potential of these three players.

washington wizardsThe Wizards have two very good players, but a point guard who can take advantage of Porzingis' isolations to score and can organize the game would help this team reach the playoffs.

Which team to choose if you play back on NBA 2K23?

CrewRecommended build

Milwaukee BucksThe Bucks have been relatively quiet this year during Free Agency and the roster hasn't been shuffled too much from last year. The workforce is therefore very competitive and can even win the NBA title thanks to the trio, Holiday, Antetokounmpo and Middleton. However, to ensure that success, they would need a fullback who can make lobs and score 3-pointers effectively .

Los Angeles LakersThis team is not as popular as last year due to the disappointing performance of Westbrook, but if you want to make your mark, we advise you to play a fullback oriented on 3-point shots .

Dallas MavericksUndoubtedly the formation in which you will have the easiest time to find playing time. The team is desperately short of a scorer and a second organizer to help Doncic. A fullback with this profile is therefore recommended within this franchise.

Which team to choose if you play winger on NBA 2K23?

CrewRecommended build

philadelphia 76ersMuch like the Bucks, the 76ers have a huge line combined with a pretty interesting bench. However, to help this franchise win the title, they need a 3&D winger , meaning a winger who is very effective at 3 points and on defense.

Cleveland CavaliersThe Cavaliers seem to have finished their reconstruction following the performance of last year and especially the arrival of Mitchell. The team is very young and they can win the title in the long run, but to help buy them time, you can play a scoring winger who can also defend the outside perimeter .

Minnesota TimberwolvesThe trade between the Jazz and the Timberwolves allows the team to attract Gobert who is an excellent defender in the key. Unfortunately, as a result of this trade, the team lost some pretty good players. The formation remains nevertheless of very high level and to help them win more easily, a winger regardless of the profile , because it lacks a player in this position.

Which team to choose if you play strong wing on NBA 2K23?

CrewRecommended build

Phoenix SunsThe Suns still have a very good formation in terms of a starter and she can clearly play for the title. To earn a place in the roster, we recommend playing a power forward with the Stretch Four profile .

Miami HeatThe Heat have a bit of the same problem as the Suns. The players are very good and can reach the conference finals, but despite everything, they have lost some quality recently. To compensate for the departure of PJ Tucker, it is interesting to play a strong winger Stretch Four there .

Denver NuggetsAgain, we have a team that can claim the title with a Jokic who is double MVP and two other very good players in Murray and Porter Jr. but also help in defense .

Which team to choose if you play pivot on NBA 2K23?

CrewRecommended build

Brooklyn NetsUndoubtedly the team that has the most interesting players to aim for an NBA title. With an All-Star line, the Nets can go, but lack a pivot who can protect the rocket by making counters that are needed on the rebound.

Golden State WarriorsThe reigning champions have a very balanced team with the first "Unit" which only has players at 80+ in rating. However, they do not have a real starting pivot and to help them retain their title, it would be interesting to add a pivot who defends the paint .

Charlotte HornetsThe Hornets have an excellent squad and could be a very interesting team to join as a pivot with the paint beast profile that defends well inside, but also scores easily from close range and dunks.

Finally, we remind you that in NBA 2K23 you will be able to collect VC  which will help you buy cosmetics for your character in MyCareer and which can also be exchanged for packs for MyTeam mode.