Doraemon: Story of Seasons Take care of animals and save the dog - Game Guide

 With Doraemon: Story of Seasons you not only get a comfortable farm simulator but also meet the beloved Doraemon characters. Taking care of your animals is a big part of farm management. In this guide, we will explain how you can best take care of them and how you can add a dog to your farm family using the secret quest.

Doraemon: Story of Seasons Take care of animals and save the dog - Game Guide

supplying animals

If you have been able to settle down on the farm after the unwanted trip to a new country, you will eventually have the opportunity to keep and care for your very own farm animals. It doesn't have to mean that much work: you don't necessarily have to take your animals (chickens, sheep, and cows) to the barn every evening, as recommended by the game.

  • If you leave the animals outside, they take care of themselves and you do not consume any food. Every morning you can collect the eggs outside, milk the cow, or shear the sheep.
  • Pay attention to the weather: if it rains, you have to bring the animals inside. Then you should provide food in the stables. After the rain, they can go outside again.
  • If you have an egg to hatch or a pregnant cow or sheep, the animal stays in the barn until the animal is born or hatched. In this case, you should also provide food for the animal.
  • Always have some veterinary medicine on hand. If an animal becomes ill (thunder symbol above its head), speak to it first. Usually, it is healthy again afterward, otherwise, the medicine helps.

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rescue dog

Chances are that you've already unknowingly fulfilled the quest requirements, and so one day on Mount Whistle you come across a trembling and apparently abandoned dog that can't be released after a landslide. You activate the quest by selling at least three different products from your harvest. After that, going to Mount Whistle should trigger the quest for you.

rescue dog

But that's not all: to save the dog you need the super gloves. In order to get these, you need to improve your relationships with certain NPCs - with luck you may have already done so. The affected NPCs are:

  • Sue (min. 2 hearts)
  • Rem (min. 2 hearts)
  • Jemma (min. 2 hearts)
  • Ryam (min. 3 hearts)

Pay attention to the season!
Attention: the quest can only be triggered in spring between day 17 and day 30. If you missed the moment, you have to wait until next year.

Once you've done that, you can now activate the next chapter of the quest by talking to Major Ryam, who will finally give you the Super Gloves. If you have this, hurry back to Mount Whistle and save the poor dog! Now he belongs to your Doraemon family.

The dog has a lot more uses as a companion than just looking cute. Once you've adopted him, you can improve your relationship with him by regularly giving him snacks or talking to him. The dog returns your efforts with useful barks when it finds hidden treasures. In the 3rd winter, you can even take part in the Treasure Hunter Dog Festival.

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