Gotham Knights Find Freaks Bulldozer for Defense Breaker Challenge - Game Guide

 To unlock more swing abilities for your characters in Gotham Knights, one of the things you need to do is complete the Defense Breaker challenge, which involves finding and defeating five Freaks bulldozers. You can find out how to find these opponents the quickest here.

Gotham Knights Find Freaks Bulldozer for Defense Breaker Challenge

Find freaks bulldozers

The Bulldozer enemy type is exclusive to the Freak faction. In order to find such an opponent, you must therefore first look closely at your map. Each district shows you an overview on the bottom right of the map screen when you scroll over the area. Under the Faction Presence item, you can see which gangs can be found in this area.

Note that several factions can be present in each district. So prefer the districts where there are only freaks.

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Complete Defense Breaker Challenge

You now have two options for determining the exact locations of freaks. Either you go straight to crime locations marked with a red triangle icon. Or you have to track them down first by interrogating freaks. For the latter, pay attention to the small white triangles on the map.

Attack one of the freaks here and lower his health until his life bar turns orange. Then grab him (R2/RT button) and interrogate him (Triangle/Y button) to uncover one of the major crimes on the map.

In the larger crimes of the freaks you then have the chance to encounter freak bulldozers. However, this is not guaranteed. So if you don't find a big opponent with a shield, you have to try the next crime. Alternatively, we recommend following Harley Quinn's case file. She is the leader of the freaks and accordingly you will meet many bulldozers on her missions.

By the way, you have to complete the Defense Breaker challenge again for each character, so defeat 20 Freaks Bulldozers in total. 

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