Gotham Knights Find Nth metal for legendary gear - Game Guide

 Nth Metal is the rarest material in Gotham Knights. You need it to craft legendary gear. But where exactly can you find Nth metal? At this point, we list you all sources for the legendary (yellow) material.

Locations for Nth metal

In order to craft legendary weapons and outfits in Gotham Knights, you need the yellow crafting materials, which are called Nth Metal in the game. Unlike other materials, however, Nth metal has no guaranteed locations. Instead, as far as we know, there are only two sources for this legendary resource so far.

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Defeat Gotham's wanted targets

Later in the game, "Gotham's Most Wanted" will appear as a new category in the Challenges menu. These are bounty missions where you have to defeat certain wanted targets. However, these have no fixed locations where they appear.

Instead, you must find and complete crime activities on Very High difficulty. Only with these do you have the chance that wanted targets will appear. However, this is not guaranteed, so you may have to complete several such crimes before a wanted target appears.

You can recognize the wanted targets by a skull and crossbones symbol and their individual name. Defeat them to get Nth Metal. We got 288 Nth metal per wanted target.

Complete contactee missions

Another source of Nth Metal is from Contactee missions. More specifically, the missions from Penguin. Later in the game, you can complete repeatable missions for him, such as completing very difficult crime activities. As a reward, you will get Nth metal, among other things.

Complete contactee missions

We cannot completely rule out that the missions of the other contact missions also give Nth metal as a reward, but we have only experienced it with the penguin so far.

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