Gotham Knights: How to get more medkits to recover health

 If you need medkits while patrolling the city in Gotham Knights, there is a method you can use to easily get them and not run out of them. We tell you.

Gotham Knights: How to get more medkits to recover health

Criminals abound in Gotham Knights and going out on patrol at night is always dangerous. Luckily, when we roam the city we have several health kits in our inventory that can replenish our health before it reaches zero, but obviously, there is limited use of them.

However, there is a method to recover or get more kits while patrolling Gotham, and if you don't know it, then keep reading this entry in our guide because we will tell you about it below with all the possible details.

How to get medkits while patrolling?

Leaving the Bell Tower, the base of the Batfamily knights, we can patrol the streets of Gotham at night. Every time we leave the Bell Tower we carry up to 7 first-aid kits in our inventory, always indicated on the wheel in the lower left corner.

If we are injured and we are using these kits, we will soon run out of them, but in the open world we can do the following to replenish them and get more:

  • As you explore or travel through the city, keep an eye out for ambulances roaming the streets.
  • Sometimes it is possible to find a stationary ambulance with its doors open.
  • These ambulances and the TEM members who work in them are highlighted in green when scanning the surroundings with the AR.
  • Next to the ambulances, you will always find a chest of medical supplies.

All you have to do, therefore, is approach one of these ambulances you see around Gotham and interact with the medical supply chest to retrieve medkits. This is the main method to get more while patrolling.

When you commit premeditated crimes, ambulances sometimes come to the area to treat the injured, so it can be a good way to get first aid kits if you are short of them. You can also see them parked in different random areas. Additionally, on some occasions, it is possible to obtain medkits while defeating groups of enemies, but this happens more randomly and is not a guaranteed method.

Retrieve medkits by returning to the Bell Tower

If for whatever reason you can't find ambulances around Gotham and you need to retrieve first-aid kits, the last remedy at hand is to return to the Bell Tower.

  • Every time you return to the Belfry, you end the patrol night and the medkits in your inventory are replenished.
Put another way, when you leave the Bell Tower to patrol you always start the night with the 7 max medkits, so it's a reliable method of retrieving medkits quickly.

Can the maximum medkits be increased?

The maximum number of medkits in Gotham Knights is always the same ; from the beginning of the game you can store at most 7 medkits in total in your inventory when you go out on patrol at night. This is the limit and there is no way to expand or improve this storage.

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