Gotham Knights: How to open the Quartz Labs vault and find clues

 We show you how to open the vault door in Quartz Labs during the Gotham Knights side quest related to Mr. Freeze and where the clues are.

Gotham Knights: How to open the Quartz Labs vault and find clues

During the Gotham Knights side quest 1.3 "Quartz Labs" related to the villain Freeze case, some players may run into a somewhat cumbersome roadblock while exploring the Quartz Lab facility. And it is that at a given moment we are asked to open a camera door in the building, but it is possible that you have not found the solution because it is not very clear.

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If this is your case, don't worry, then in this entry of our guide, we will show you what you must do to be able to open the Quartz Laboratories chamber and how to find clues within it to advance the case.

How to open the vault door in Quartz Laboratories?

When playing Side Mission 1.3 "Quartz Labs" of case FR01: Mr. Freeze you will access this building and reach a large room of the labs. After defeating the group of enemies inside, your active target will now ask you to find a way to open the chamber door (the large blast door that is locked).

Well, actually the solution is easier than it seems, but you may have a hard time finding it yourself. Follow these steps :

  • Scan the area around you with AR.
  • You should locate a console that is highlighted in red by the RA.
  • Specifically, this console panel is on the middle floor, just in front of the large armored door that is closed.
Simply approach this panel and hold the AR scanner button on it in order to scan the console. This way you will be allowed to interact with the button that opens the chamber door.

Find the clues in the Quartz Labs vault

After opening the vault door and defeating a group of shocking enemies, your goal will now be to search the vault for clues. You have to find a total of 3 clues by analyzing them with the AR.

If you have trouble locating them, here below we tell you what the 3 clues are:

Lane #1: Plan

  • Location: It is a weathered blueprint that is hanging on the wall to the left of the frozen scientist.

Clue #2: Dictaphone

  • Location: It is a small device on a table to the right of the frozen scientist.

Clue #3: Notebook

  • Location: A notebook that is lying on the ground next to the scientist.

Find Dr. Upshot's office

Having already analyzed these three clues, finally in this mission you have to find Dr. Upshot's office in the laboratory. To do this, simply go up the stairs behind the console that you used to open the locked door and on the upper floor you can interact with a panel to open some locked blue doors that lead directly to the scientist's office. The rest is a piece of cake.

Now you know what to do in order to complete this mission!

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