Gotham Knights Switch characters & level up at the same time - Game Guide

 In Gotham Knights, there are four heroes you can play Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood. But how can you change characters and level up at the same time? At this point, we will tell you!

Gotham Knights Game Guide Switch characters & level up at the same time

This is how you can switch characters

Already during the intro of Gotham Knights, you have to choose one of the playable characters. But don't worry: whether you choose Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, or Red Hood here, this choice is not final. It only determines with which heroine or hero you deny the first mission. You can then switch characters.

After you get to the bell tower and are free to roam, head to the area on the left in front of you. There you can see four showcases with the costumes of the characters. Simply interact with the respective hero's showcase to switch characters.

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Level up characters at the same time

You don't have to worry about the fact that you don't play some characters at all and therefore don't level them. For example, if you only play the whole game with Batgirl, all other heroes will still level up and receive the same number of experience points. Incidentally, the maximum level is level 30. In the New Game Plus, it is then increased again to level 40.

However, there are the following activities that you can only complete individually with each character:

  • Each character has individual swing and knighting abilities that you can unlock by completing challenges. These challenges are mostly the same, but you must complete them again with each hero to unlock them.
  • Each character has their own personal side quest that you can complete.
  • Mods can be shared across all characters, but you must craft costumes and weapons individually for each one.

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