Grounded Beginner's Guide: How to Access Laboratories, Unlock Mutations, Craft Bombs, Don't Die When Falling From Great Heights, and More


How to Access Laboratories, Unlock Mutations, Craft Bombs, Don't Die When Falling From Great Heights, and More

Grounded is a survival simulation game from Obsidian Entertainment, the creators of Fallout: New Vegas. As in other similar projects, the game has many non-obvious moments and hidden mechanics that need to be sorted out. If you need help, you can use our guide. It is based on the most popular player requests.

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How to open fast travel. How to fast travel in Grounded

You need to find the superchip in the Hedge Lab and unlock the Ropeway technology. Connect two bases with ropes, and you will be able to move between them.

What are bits of knowledge for?

They can be found while exploring the open world, exploring resources in the analyzer, and as a reward for completing BURG.La quests. The same robot sells various resources in exchange for bits of knowledge. In order to open the trading opportunity, you need to visit his laboratory under the Ancient Oak. For subsequent purchases, go to any field laboratory, go to the library terminal and open a science store.

How to unlock new recipes in Grounded

In order to open a new drawing or recipe, you need to find one of the ingredients that will be needed to create the final tool or dish. After that, take it to the computer and analyze it. In the crafting menu, instructions will appear for assembling or cooking an item, listing all the necessary resources.

In addition, the player has a "power of mind" stat. This is a kind of technology level that increases as you analyze items. Therefore, even if you miss a recipe, sooner or later it will open due to a new level of mind power.

How to turn on the laser and gain access to the laboratory under the oak in Grounded

To activate the laser, you need to perform a certain sequence of actions:

  1. First of all, find a mysterious machine with which you can control lasers. It is a white object with a glass roof.
  2. Click the Target button. You will receive a task to eliminate interference for lasers.
  3. Please note that the beam of the first laser rests on a blade of grass. You can remove it with an axe.
  4. Analyze the pebbles at the field station to get a hatchet blueprint. In the same place, it is necessary to study plant fiber.
  5. Gather some rocks and branches.
  6. Go to the crafting menu. First, make cloth fiber from three vegetable fibers, and then craft an axe.
  7. Approach the blade of grass that interferes with the laser. Hit her with the ax several times until she falls.
  8. Look at the second laser, not working at full power. Walk along it until you get to the emitter. You need to get rid of the insects that gnaw on the wires. Use an ax or a spear.
  9. Walk along the wire and destroy the pests along the way. Before entering the cave, make a torch. After that, go inside and clean the location from insects.
  10. Return to the mysterious machine and press the activation button.

After that, you will see a cut scene. At the base of the oak tree to the northeast of you, something will explode. You can go inside and get into the laboratory, located inside the tree. To find it, follow the column of smoke.

In order to open the door, first press the upper left key, and then the lower middle one.

How to get clay in Grounded

Clay is needed for the construction of various buildings. You can find it near large bodies of water. On the map, we have indicated the places where the deposits of this resource are located.

Clay is mined with a shovel. It can be made from twigs, braided fiber, and acorn shells. In order to break an acorn, you will need a hammer.

How to open mutations in Grounded

Most mutations are unlocked as the action they are associated with is performed. The mechanics are reminiscent of skill leveling in Skyrim. If you often cut blades of grass, then the cutting speed will increase, killing ants reduces damage from them, and so on.

But some mutations require special conditions. For example, to increase critical damage, you need to find a four-leaf clover, and with a mint leaf, you will increase the character’s defense. And to increase maximum health and stamina, you will have to purchase special mutations from BURG.La in exchange for bits of knowledge.

How to get mints in Grounded

You will find containers with mints not far from the starting location. Get to the first laboratory and move to the northwest. You can navigate on our map.

When you see the container, hit the latch on its lid to access the contents.

If you break the lollipop, it will break into four mint shards, which is what you need. But this will require Insect Hammer. Examine the gland of the bombardier beetle to open the blueprint for this tool.

Peppermints can be used to increase resistance to gas and fire.

How to make a bomb in Grounded

To make bombs, you will need ant eggs, infected insect spores, and dry grass.

Look for ant eggs in anthills. One of them we indicated on the map.

If there are no eggs, that means you haven't killed enough ants. Destroy them as you progress through the game and look into this place. At some point, the necessary items will appear there.

For insect spores, head to the edge of the infested area. If you do not have a gas mask, it is undesirable to enter its territory. Lure the bugs to you and kill them one by one.

After that, return to the base. Along the way, collect dry grass that grows everywhere. Analyze all the ingredients, then collect the bomb on the workbench. They are used as an effective weapon against insects, blowing up obstacles, and opening some passages with secrets.

How not to die after falling from a great height in Grounded

To do this, you need a bunch of dandelion. You can find this plant in many locations in the game. Cut it down with an ax and take the flower. After that, open the character menu and equip the dandelion bunch in the glider slot. To make a soft landing, press Shift. Keep in mind that it will allow you to soar for a strictly limited time, after which it will be used up. Try to take plenty of dandelions in reserve.

How to defeat strong insects in Grounded

Bombs, which we described above, are perfect for fighting ants. It is advisable to get strong armor that will protect you from insect attacks. There is an easier way: make a bow with arrows and a rope to repair it, climb to a high place and attack them from a safe distance. But keep in mind that wolf spiders can jump, and weaver spiders can shoot webs. You need to attack them continuously, otherwise, the monsters will lose interest in you and leave. This will restore their health.

Midges differ from other insects in that they can fly. They live near the lantern. However, you can use a trick. Grind spoiled meat through a meat grinder to get a slurry. With its help, you will lure midges. They will drop to the ground, and you can hit them with normal weapons or use a bomb.

How to unlock magic in Grounded

Magic is a new mechanic in the game that appeared after the October update. You can conjure with the help of staves. Minty has a chance to slow enemies, spicy to set them on fire, and sour to stun.

First, you need to go to the termite lair. Its location is indicated on the map.

Keep in mind that termites are extremely dangerous opponents, so you first need to get powerful weapons and strong armor. You need to pick up the Woodpile BURG.L chip, which is guarded by the Termite King. Killing it is optional - try to quickly grab this item and run away.

Take the Woodpile to BURG.Lu. After that, in exchange for a grain of knowledge, you can get drawings of all three staves. To increase the potential of magic, you will have to open the corresponding mutation. Just kill enemies with a staff.

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