OldSchool Runescape: Witchaven Dungeon

OldSchool Runescape: Witchaven Dungeon

A little settlement can be found to the east of Ardougne called Witchaven. Once a thriving center of industry, the settlement has deteriorated to the status of a ghost town as a direct result of the Fishing Platform taking away business from the locals. Despite its tragic past, it is a widely renowned fishing spot. Witchaven grants access to the Fishing Platform and plays a significant role in the Sea Slug and Slug Menace missions. 

Witchaven is a notoriously tough dungeon that features many dangers within. Players sporting mid-level equipment and stats should stay away at all costs. Fortunately, many places provide cheap OSRS Gold services to help with the grind. Visit chicksgold.com and buy OSRS Gold to boost your account quickly! 

AFK Arena Hidden Isle Walkthrough
AFK Arena Hidden Isle Walkthrough

How to access Witchaven? 

To reach Witchaven, the location of the closest teleport is Ardougne, which is located to the west. Players can attempt to steal from the chest in Ardougne Castle; however, they need to have a Thieving skill of 72. This will set off 'a second magical trap' on the chest, resulting in the player being instantly teleported to the entrance to Witchaven Dungeon, located west of the village. 

Moreover, those with fairy rings can immediately teleport to the north of the Witchaven Dungeon by using the code B L R. Witchaven is a convenient location should players decide to visit the Fishing Platform or Legends' Guild to the north. As mentioned, the dungeon is very difficult, and players should not attempt raids without an abundance of food. 


In Witchaven, players can explore what little is left, like the fishing shop referencing Howard Lovecraft, a famous American author of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Once in the fishing store, engage in conversation with the owner Ezekial Lovecraft. He will mention a long tradition of writers within the family and touch upon his grandfather Howard, referencing the writer. 

Interestingly, many habitants of Witchaven have near-yellow skin. This is the case as Mother Mallum, the queen of the Sea Slugs controls the town and the Fishing Platform. She was so strong during the Fourth and Fifth Ages that she nearly assumed control over Gielinor as a whole. Luckily the Temple Knights, an elite order sworn to protect the Kingdom of Asgarnia, managed to stop her conquest. Now, Mother Mallum plays a significant role in the Slug Menace quest. Colonel Jake O'Niall helps the player defeat the queen of the Sea Slugs, thanks to his extensive knowledge as a retired Temple Knight. 

The Dungeon

The Witchaven Dungeon is divided into various chambers, each hosting its dangers. The first area within the dungeon is crawling with hostile level 28 hobgoblins. Once the player moves deeper into the dungeon, they will be presented with three rooms to explore. Level 53 ogres occupy the north and south rooms, and the east room is home to hellhounds. The east room 
is crucial for the Family Crest quest, as the player has to cannon the room to get hold of the 'perfect' gold ore. 

The hellhound puzzle 

To access the area with the hellhounds, the player must first complete a puzzle using levers. Keep in mind that players must complete the puzzle only once, and if they log out during the puzzle-solving, the progress will reset. The following are steps to complete the hellhound chamber puzzle: 

  • Outside the northern room, pull up the lever. 
  • The next lever is located inside the southern room; pull it up. 
  • Leave for the northern room and pull the outside lever down. 
  • Pull the next level up in the northern room. 
  • On the outside of the northern room, you must pull the lever up. ·

Go inside the southern room and pull the lever down. 

Secret area/boss fight 

The player will uncover a hidden area at a certain point in the Slug Menace quest. Big, level 45 lobsters can be found in this dungeon section. Later in the quest, at the far end of the hall, the player will face a Slug Prince of level 62. It is also possible to take an Agility-based shortcut through the dungeon. Finally, after traversing the dungeon and fending off all its dangers, Mother Mallum's lair can be found at its end.

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