Price of all skins in Overwatch 2: how much money to buy them all?

 You play Overwatch 2 and love buying skins, but you can't afford them all. But exactly how much money is needed for all the skins?

Price of all skins in Overwatch 2: how much money to buy them all?

Overwatch 2 has now been available for several weeks and the number of players continues to climb. Despite a complicated start due to DDOS attacks on the game's servers, novelties appeal to players such as the new person: Kiriko.

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Overwatch 2 game is completely free, you can play it just by creating a account. Obviously, to be remunerated on the constant development of the game, it is possible to offer online services and to buy objects in the store of the game. Today, the skins on the characters in a game his legion and Overwatch 2 is no exception. But, how much money would it take to buy all the skins in the game?

How much money to buy all skins in Overwatch 2?

It is normal to want to buy skin on your favorite character in Overwatch 2. There is a large selection of skins to give an alternative appearance to a hero, so buying them all would represent a large sum of money, but how much exactly. It is difficult to answer this question considering the number of skins and the fact that you have to go through an intermediary currency in the game to buy them. 

As you can see from Naeri's tweet, if you want to buy all Overwatch skins, you need to use 1,022,600 Overwatch Coins. This represents the equivalent of 10.226 dollars.

So owning all skins in Overwatch is a certain amount of money. Obviously, there are in-game currencies that allow you to get skins without using real money. 

As you can see on the site, there are: 

  • 254 legendary skins
  • 138 epic skins
  • 127 common skins
  • 213 emotes
  • 221 victory poses
  • 133 highlight intros
  • 980 voice lines 

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