Promises (OTW) in FIFA 23: All Ones to Watch, what they are and features


Promises (OTW) in FIFA 23: All Ones to Watch, what they are and features

We show you which promising players receive dynamic Ones to Watch cards in FIFA 23 and explain the details and special features of these items in FUT.

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One more edition, the new FIFA 23 begins its journey by bringing to the community of players one of the most desired events of Ultimate Team: we refer to the cards of promising players, also popularly called Ones to Watch (with the acronym OTW) or signings badges.

If you want to know what are the OTW cards available in FUT 23 or if it is your first time in the game and you don't know how they work, don't worry, then in this entry of our complete guide, we will show you them and explain their details and special features so that you have no doubts about it.

All FUT 23 Ones to Watch and Release Date

These are all confirmed Ones to Watch players to date receiving promise cards in FUT 23, the main team is expected to be released from September 30, 2022. Remember that all OTW cards will be available in packs until October 7, 2022:

  • CB: Antonio Rüdiger - 87 (Real Madrid, Germany)
  • CB: N Schlotterbeck - 82 (Borussia Dortmund, Germany)
  • CB: De Ligt - 85 (Bayern Munich, Netherlands)
  • LP: Dest - 77 (AC Milan, United States)
  • CDM: Tyler Adams - 76 (Leeds, USA)
  • CDM: Kessié - 84 (FC Barcelona, ​​Ivory Coast)
  • CM: Tolisso - 81 (Olympique de Lyon, France)
  • CM: A Tchouaméni - 82 (Real Madrid, France)
  • CM: Renato Sanches - 80 (Paris Saint-Germain, Portugal)
  • LM: Sadio Mané - 89 (Bayern Munich, Senegal)
  • RW: Di Maria - 84 (Juventus, Argentina)
  • RW: Antony - 82 (Manchester United, Brazil)
  • IE: Raheem Sterling - 86 (Chelsea, England)
  • IE: Steven Bergwijn - 80 (Ajax, Netherlands)
  • SD: Paulo Dybala - 86 (Roma FC, Argentina)
  • ST: R Lewandowski - 91 (FC Barcelona, ​​Poland)
  • ST: Erling Haaland - 88 (Manchester City, Norway)
  • ST: Gabriel Jesus - 83 (Arsenal, Brazil)
  • ST: Darwin Núñez - 82 (Liverpool, Uruguay)
  • ST: Richarlison - 81 (Tottenham Hotspur, Brazil)

When we have more information about all these players we will expand the information in this guide.

How to get Promise (OTW) cards

FUT Promising Players (OTW) cards can be obtained in the following ways:

  • It is initially possible to get OTW cards in special Ones to Watch packs: only during their launch event (in FUT 23 from September 30 to October 7). These packs are obtained for example in squad building challenges, buying them in the store, fulfilling dynamic objectives, and more.
  • Once said event concludes: these cards are replaced to their standard version in the envelopes.
  • After its launch event: OTW cards can still be purchased on the transfer market if other players have them for sale (however, their coin prices can be quite high given their quality and rarity).

Also keep in mind that for a limited time, if you pre-order the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition before September 30th, you will receive a non-tradeable Promise Player for your account as a free in-game reward.

What are Promise Cards (OTW)?

Ultimate Team Promising Players or Ones to Watch are a series of special dynamic cards that can be upgraded throughout the season based on how your players perform in real life.

These cards come out in a joint team during an event that occurs on the game's release day and after that, they also get another small release two days later. The players who own these cards in FUT derive directly from certain promising players who have stood out in the transfers of the summer or winter market last season.

It should be noted that in their release, the OTW cards have the same rating and attributes as the standard version of their players, but they improve dynamically.

How do OTW cards improve?

A Promising Ones to Watch card can improve throughout the season based on how well its actual player performs at his new club. In order to obtain improvements, some of the following circumstances must be met:

  • Whether the player receives special items in FUT: Based on their performance, such as appearing in the Team of the Week ( TOTW ) or Man of the Match selection.
  • If the player receives a "Wins to Watch" upgrade: i.e. a one-time upgrade to his stats if his team wins three of the next eight domestic league games.
  • If the player receives a "Nations to Watch" buff: The card can be buffed Uniquely if their national team wins a match at FIFA World Cup 2022™, regardless of whether the player is on the pitch, on the bench, or watching it from home.

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