Return to Monkey Island Hard mode walkthrough - Game Guide

 If you're in the mood for pirates and puzzles, you've come to the right place! Because we show you the walkthrough for Return to Monkey Island. Set sail, we're off to an island we've missed since the '90s...

Return to Monkey Island Hard mode walkthrough - Game Guide

About Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island is, just like its predecessors, a point-and-click adventure with puzzle fun. It is not only playable on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, but also on the Nintendo Switch.

If you want to refresh your memory on the other Monkey Island installments, or are brand new to the franchise, you can do so in the Scrapbook section of the menu. There Guybrush tells you briefly and concisely how his adventures ended with the help of some photos and collectibles.

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Immediately after starting a new save game, you can choose the level of difficulty you want to play on. This walkthrough is for the hard mode of the game as we trust you to be able to complete the easy mode without our help. But enough rambling, let's get started!

Get Scurvydogs

We start off as a mini version of Guybrush, namely Boybrush - as the name suggests, Guybrush's son. Together with Boybrush's friend Chuckie you will find yourself in the Big Whoop amusement park. After the initial dialogues, you now intend to get hold of a delicious Scurvydog. So go into the small shop behind you and inspect the wooden leg hanging to the left of the counter. Attached to it you see a key to the outhouse, which you simply grab. Don't worry, the shop owner doesn't mind. 

Exit the shop and head left into the outhouse where you'll spot a fake fifty on the floor, perfect for tricking the shopkeeper's bad eyesight. So pick it up and dash back into the shop, where you give the shopkeeper the wrong coin. In return, he gives you two Scurvydogs, which Boybrush and Chuckie immediately rush out to devour. Then go out the gate on the right.

Dee's duties

Here you will meet Dee, who will grab your to-do list and give you some tasks. First things first, listen to Dee ramble on about anchors. Go to the anchor right next to you and click on it. Dee starts all by herself to share all her knowledge about anchors. You can either listen to the entire dialogue – sorry, monologue, of course – or skip it with a few clicks. A little further to the right you have to win a race against Chuckie. Don't worry, Chuckie is a bit weighed down by the Scurvydog he ate earlier, and you're sure to win. Next on the list is sword fighting practice. You do this by going to the game ship.

Then you should feed the duck in the small pond. A couple is already standing on the shore and have bread, which you can steal by distracting the two on the right by inspecting the basket, then quickly run to the left next to the woman and grab the bread. Then run back to the other side of the pond, open your inventory and pull the bread onto the duck. 

Right next to the pond is a strange spot on the ground that Chuckie firmly believes is ketchup, which would go fantastic with your Scurvydog. Pick up the sauce, open your inventory and combine it with the Scurvydog. Then click on the Scurvydog to eat it. Yummy... not! Then you should find a four-leaf clover. Further to the right is a small meadow with a sign in front of it. Read the sign and then look for the shamrock. Dee will be jealous of your find!

Finally, you can have a wish granted at the wishing well. In front of the fountain, you will find a coin, which you can immediately throw into the fountain. Then you can choose between different wishes. It doesn't matter which one you take. 

"Finding our real parents" is the last item that remains on the list. You do this by simply going through the small garden gate on the far right. Your father Guybrush is waiting on a bench to greet you and, after a little chat, invites you to hear the story about the mystery of Monkey Island. When Dee and Chuckie suddenly take off, only father and son remain.

Chapter 1 – A friendly place

So now you slip into the usual role of Guybrush, who is on the island of Mêlée. You start a conversation with the scout, who informs you that LeChuck is here on the island with you. But don't panic! Apparently, the old pirate is not interested in quarrels. Luckily, he would only lose again.

Finish the conversation with the scout and make your way to the docks. Just go down and along the path. Be sure to read Carla's election poster down on the docks. It will become important later.

Walk past LeChuck's ship into the well-known Scumm Bar. On the table next to the pirates is a book that you can pick up. This is the trivia book, with which you can gradually collect cards. On these are questions about Monkey Island that you can answer. But beware! If you give the wrong answer, the map will disappear and respawn somewhere in the game where you can find it again.

On the right in the bar, you will find the pirate leaders. But these are not nice like in the first part and want to help you. Instead, Captain Madison coldly repels your attempts to convince them to finance an expedition to Monkey Island. Exit the Scumm Bar and stroll along the docks toward LeChuck's ship. Read the sign there and the quartermaster speaks to you since reinforcements are still being sought on the ship, a mop to be precise. However, you don't have a mop and - oh yes - you're LeChuck's nemesis, so once asked for your name and using the Pirates of the Caribbean conversational option "John Smith" you will not be allowed back onto the ship. 

Get a mop

As you exit the docks, you will see two women walking to the right and talking. Follow the two and you will come to the lower street, where you will meet your wife Elaine, who is complaining about Captain Madison while putting up posters. After your conversation with her you should examine the statue of Carla, this will also become important later.

Go ahead and enter the International Market. You will receive the book of clues from the voodoo lady. The Voodoo Lady tips you that the cook in the Scumm Bar has a mop. After the conversation, you should buy the forgiveness frog and the knife. Both items will become important later.

Exit the store and head back to the Scumm Bar. Go all the way to the right until you come to the kitchen. Unfortunately, the chef will not give you his mop, but he will give you a tip on how to make your own mop. Leave the bar and run back into the lower street. Enter the Maps 'n More store, which is directly across from the International Market. There you will find Wally as the manager who tells you that he can draw you a map for the forest where you can find the wood for the mop, but first you have to bring him a small piece of a real mop. Before you leave the store, take a monocle with you, which is on the table in front of Wally. You will need it later.

So back to the Scumm Bar, but here you have to distract the chef first in order to rape his mop. Luckily for you, the chef has a problem that he needs your help with. To solve his problem, you need to find a special cookbook. You can find this in the governor's house with the swordmaster Carla. Exit the Scumm Bar and go to the Lower Street. Keep going up and you'll find yourself on the upper street. There you can explore the small alley where you will find another quiz card.

Apologies to Carla

Go back to the upper street and continue to the top left. You'll find yourself on a longer path that leads to the governor's house.

Enter the house and you will automatically start a conversation with Carla. End the conversation and Carla will go about her plans. Approach the bookshelf to the left of the stairs and select Barbie LeFlay's cookbook. But as soon as you click on the borrow option, Carla intervenes, because the last book Guybrush borrowed didn't get her back either. A simple verbal apology is not enough for Carla, so end the conversation and open your inventory. There you will find the forgiveness frog you just bought (if not, run to the Voodoo Lady and buy it). Combine this with your pen and start writing. The text should be selected as follows:

"Dear Carla, I'm sorry I lost the book I borrowed. I am aware that you are robust to robustness, as evidenced by your actions in Santa Domingo. I promise to improve in the future.”

Important! If you are missing options, you must unlock them by

  • Check out Carla's election poster at the bottom of the dock - this will unlock the "I'm aware you're tough to the tough" option.
  • read the plaque on the statue on the lower street - this will unlock the option "as evidenced by your deeds in Santa Domingo."
Give the Forgiveness Frog to Carla and she will allow you to borrow the book. Grab it from the bookshelf and run back to the cook. He'll be pleased and get to work immediately, distracting him enough for you to use your knife to scrape off a piece of the mop. If you don't have the knife yet, get it from the Voodoo Lady. If you want to unlock an achievement, try stealing the mop. 

Run back to Wally and give him the shard of the mop. Within ten minutes he will draw you a map that you need for the forest from which you have to get the wood for your mop. At the same time, you should also pack a second monocle. The map is different for each round, so there is no “one solution” here.

A possible map for the forest can look like this.
A possible map for the forest can look like this.

It is important that you orientate yourself on the three plants: the purple flower, the carnivorous plant, and the glowing mushrooms. You have to choose the paths so that you always walk along the plants as shown on the map. If you're already in the forest, you can cut off a piece of a carnivorous plant with the knife. You'll need that later.

Once you have found your way, you will come to the tree that you need for your mop. Approach him and cut something off.

Leave the forest to the right and run back into the lower road. Now all you need is a head for the mop. There are different ways:

  • buy the shrunken head in the voodoo lady's shop
  • take the governor's stuffed animal in her mansion on the far right on the armchair
  • if you leave the kitchen in the scumm bar to the right, you can insert a cord on the catwalk

No matter which of the items you use, when you combine them with the branch, they will make the perfect mop.

Get an eye patch

But the mop isn't enough to fool the quartermaster. Next, you need to get yourself an eye patch, and not just any one, but a magical one, so the disguise is perfect.

The eye patch is in the Museum at the Edge of the Forest. Run there. It is in a display case, which is secured with a lock. Inspect the castle and then go to the back storage of the museum to take the parrot food from the shelf there.

Run back to the upper street and enter the locksmith's shop, which is on the left.

Talk to the locksmith. From her you learn that you need the serial number of the lock so that she can make you a suitable key. So run back to the museum and combine the two monocles you took from Wally earlier.

If you don't already have them, you can easily grab one from his table in his shop, walk out and back in, and a second one will spawn, which you'll grab as well.

Combined together, the monocles are strong enough for you to see the serial number. Guybrush writes them down automatically. 

Run back to the locksmith and give her the written-down serial number. She will make you a key. Then click on the crackers and give the locksmith the parrot food after the short dialogue. In return, she will give you the crackers.

With the keys and crackers in your pockets, run back to the museum and give the parrot by the display case a cracker so it doesn't make any noise. While he's eating, take the key and pull it on the lock. The showcase opens and you can steal the eye patch. You leave the museum automatically and can go straight on to the Voodoo Lady. Because your eye patch isn't magical enough yet.

Give the eyepatch to the voodoo lady, but her services do not come without a price. She wants the bite of a thousand needles, which translates to a piece of the carnivorous plant from the forest. If you have already cut this off in the forest, simply hand it over. If not, run back into the forest and use the knife to cut off a piece of one of the plants. Then the voodoo lady will enchant your eye patch.

Get on LeChuck's ship

After the dialogue, run back to the dock and put on the eye patch - with enough distance to the quartermaster. Talk to the quartermaster afterward and she will let you board the ship. Congratulation! You have completed the first chapter!

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