Game Guide Asterigos: Curse of the Stars - how to defeat the Devourer, Strongman and other bosses


Walkthrough Asterigos: Curse of the Stars - how to defeat the Devourer, Strongman and other bosses

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is an exciting third-person action game set in a fantasy setting. The plot of the game tells about a brave warrior who went in search of her father. In this guide, we will describe a detailed walkthrough of the game, as well as tell you how to defeat all the bosses.

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Choice of difficulty level

The game has three difficulty levels:

  • Plot - suitable for players who just want to know the story of a brave girl;
  • Adventure - a balanced mode with strong monsters and a small shortage of consumables;
  • Trial - monsters and bosses have increased health. Consumables are sorely lacking.

Game Tips

How to restore health

To restore the vitality of the heroine, special jars with balm are used. They can be found as you progress through the game, as well as obtained from defeated enemies.

To use the balm, press the appropriate key (on the PC button "1" ).

How to fight monsters

The controls in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars are slightly different from other games in this genre. The heroine can simultaneously carry two types of weapons. To activate the first type, press LMB, and for the second - RMB.

Also, each type of equipment has additional attacks. On a PC, the keys are "Q" (for the first type) and "E" (for the second type).


As you progress through the game, you will find new weapons. At the start, all players have access to six types of equipment. You can change weapons at any time during the game, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Sword and shield. When activated, a normal attack (LMB) deals sword damage. Perform an additional attack to parry with a shield.

Daggers. Normal attack damage is pretty weak. Using a secondary attack speeds up the heroine. At this moment, she raises her daggers and rushes at the enemy.

Hammer. Has increased damage. A charged secondary attack allows you to deal high damage to a group of enemies in front of you.

A spear. A secondary attack allows you to perform a parry, and then deal critical damage to the enemy.

Staff. A normal attack releases one energy ball. With two subsequent attacks, two and three balls of concentrated magical energy will be released from the head of the staff, respectively. The additional attack allows you to aim.

Use the staff after a normal attack with another weapon to increase damage.

Bracelets. Useful in close combat. When activating a secondary attack, the heroine creates and places magical mines on the ground. If an enemy touches them, they will be knocked back and take damage.

Start. How to return the weapon and open the chest

Read the note ( Special Order of the Legion ) and pick up some vials of balm. You will see a monster carrying the main character's weapon. Follow him and fight several similar creatures. Along the way, you can pick up a bottle of stardust - a consumable that restores magical energy, and also inspect a locked chest. Without your daggers, you won't be able to open it. Next to the chest will be another note (Escapee's Diary #3).

Along the way, you will also find Explorer. With this device, you can restore health and mana. After the next death, you will find yourself next to the last conductor with whom you interacted.

Kill the enemies and take the weapon. Now you have access to all the equipment. You can return to the beginning of the location and open the chest.

Next to the cliff, examine another note ( Fugitive Diary No. 2 ) and pick up the balm. Climb down the cliff and get ready to fight the first boss.

How to defeat the giant crocodile "Eater Ravenous"

If you understand the controls a little, you should have understood that you need to dodge the blows of any enemies in time. The Eater is no exception. We used a sword and shield in conjunction with a magic staff.

When an enemy tries to attack you up close, dodge and use your active skill ("Z" key). Then break the distance and attack with magic bolts.

After defeating the corpse of the boss, pick up the Dagger of the Northwind Legion.

How to defeat the Strongman

Enter the cave and climb up the ledges. Activate the explorer and enter the city. Here you will meet with another enemy - the Strongman.

It makes no sense to oppose him since the warrior will defeat the heroine in any case.

How to find Quint at the entrance to the sewers

After the cut-scene and lengthy dialogues, you will receive a new task. You need to find Quint at the entrance to the sewers. Find the only passage next to which there is a guard. Run forward and go outside. Here you will see inscriptions on the ground. On the way here, you can also collect some balm jars.

Climb the stairs and activate the conductor. Get out to the Ghetto. Follow the path through a small body of water. You need to get to the room at the very top of the location, where Quint is located.

You can now use the F1-F4 keys to change the attack element.

Enter the only door, go down and turn into the passage on the left.

You will be outside again. Cross the bridge and look at the far right side of the camp. There is a chest here.

Go back over the bridge and enter the dungeon.

If you go up to the top floor, you will find yourself in the location where you came from. You need to climb to the second level of the dungeon and follow the passage on the left.

You are now in the Labris camp. Deal with the enemies and enter the central gate. Here you will find a battle with a mini-boss. Defeat him to get the key and unlock the passage.

To be continued…

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