Walkthrough Scorn - game guide

 A detailed walkthrough of the creepy first-person horror game Scorn

Walkthrough Scorn - game guide

After the introductory video, you will see a locked door in front of you. Go left and so on until the end of the corridor, which will lead you to a more open area. On the left side, there will be another locked door. Therefore, go to the right to find an ajar door. Interact with her by clicking on the LMB to climb into the spacious hall.

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Scorn | Xbox Series X Gameplay | First 20 Minutes

Interact with the device on the left side to install the first spike key on your hand. In general, there is nothing else to do in this room. On the left, there is a gate, and opposite them is a console. Use the console to open the gate. Select on A/D the left side of the gate and click LMB to remove the bolt. Then select the right device and left-click again to move the gate to the right. Wait for the gate to fully open, then hold RMB to move away from the console and quickly run into the corridor until the gate closes.

You will enter a huge hall with many devices. On the right side, there is a large gate and two control consoles. You need to activate both consoles at the same time, but you won't be able to do it without an extra hand. Go to the right of this gate or immediately from the entrance to the hall. This path will lead you to another device and an elevator. Use the elevator to go up to the second floor.

Don't run across the floor. Walk forward into the hall with two consoles. Please note that there are cells with eggs on the walls. Two luminous eggs indicate a living being. You need to get one of them in order to acquire a second hand in the future. The console on the left allows you to pick up the egg, installed in the upper left corner, into the highlighted slot. Now there is nothing there. Therefore, you need to use the console on the right to move the eggs with the mechanical arm and deliver the living ones to the upper left slot. Please note that you must hold LMB on the desired egg and move strictly along the existing lines. If an egg blocks the path, you won't be able to carry another through it. That is, this game resembles tags, but in a darker form. In addition, there are interconnected eggs. They will have to move 2-3 pieces.

Paired eggs are to the left, to the side of the luminous egg. Slide them all the way to the left. The two bottom eggs should be moved all the way to the left. Move the nearest glowing egg towards them, then remove the paired ones to the right and place the glowing egg on the highlighted point. Unfortunately, the egg will collapse as soon as you try to pick it up using the center console.

Now you need to move the second luminous egg to the upper left corner, but at the same time, it is fastened with the usual, dead one. To get started, slide those same paired eggs again all the way to the left. Move one of the two lower single eggs (in the lower left corner) to the right, up, all the way to the right, and up. In the maximum possible right-upper place.

The further meaning is as follows: three single eggs on the right must be lowered down, and the luminous paired egg must be moved all the way to the right. Then you move down the paired eggs on the left, to the lower left corner, to one egg. You need to free the top row, where there are two pairs of eggs. Lower the right pair of eggs a little lower and move all the way to the left. Now raise a pair of eggs with one luminous one in the middle, lower all three single ones down and move left, up, left. When you run into the second upper pair, lower a pair of eggs with a luminous one and slide the upper pair of eggs all the way to the right, lower them down, and even to the right. To the same pair, move one of the two pairs on the left, under the luminous dot. Shift the single egg and the last pair to the right. The path to the glowing dot must be open!

As soon as the luminous capsule is in the upper left cell, move away from the right mechanism and use the device to the left of it. A mechanical hand will grab the capsule and break it, and you will see a motionless humanoid inside. The capsule will then descend to the lower floor. When you're ready, return to the central room.

As soon as you do this, find a creepy cart with a control panel at the foot of the central cliff. Use the mechanism next to the cart, a little higher, to access the crane nearby. Raise the crane up and activate it on LMB. It will grab the creature you dropped earlier by solving the puzzle above. Lower the crane down and place the creature on the cart.

Now you can solve the following problem in two ways. In both cases, you will unlock unique achievements, so below we will look at each option and how to unlock both achievements.

Option 1: The creature survives

But first, let's climb the central column. This can be done along a spiral path twisted around it. When you reach the top, look for a mechanism that you can interact with. You will see this place from a bird's eye view. This remote control allows you to switch arrows on the rails.

Referring to the picture, imagine that you see the north rails (top), east rails (top), and west rails (right). If it says below that you must connect to the circle, that means that said rails must be aligned with the rails around the central column we are standing on. If it says below that you need to detach from the circle, then the rails should be directed toward the tunnel that goes away from the central circle.

Activate the western rails by connecting them to the circle. Do the same with the east rails (with the circle) and the north rails should be connected to the tunnel (not connected to the circle). Move away from the mechanism, and then return to the creature in the wagon. Push it until the cart stops near another device.

Go to the panel opposite the cart and activate it. You will make a hole in the creature's back. Once the process is complete, return to the cart and keep pushing it. Eventually, you will reach a room with a saw. Set the cart so that it is blocked, then activate the crane using the nearest mechanism. Raise the cocoon, move the crane to the right, and then lower the creature into the chair. Activate the panel on the right to launch the buzz saw and cut through the creature's shell. After that, approach the chair and remove the remaining debris.

The monster will plop down from the chair onto the floor. After about a minute, the humanoid will rise to its feet and follow you very slowly. Turn around and see two tunnels. They are parallel and both lead to a locked door, which you are trying to open. In the right short tunnel, there is a pipe hanging on the right wall. Bring the monster to her. It's a key implant device. Stand next to him and wait for the humanoid to come here. As soon as the creature falls, interact with it. The protagonist will pick up the monster and put his hand into the device so that the key will be in his hand.

Return to the previous tunnel and go to the giant locked door you saw earlier. When a new friend gets to her, he will fall to the ground again. Pick it up again. The protagonist will insert the humanoid's hands into one of the panels. Head to the panel to the right of the next one and activate it to finally open the door.

Go through the door, which will immediately close. There will be an elevator ahead. Climb to the next floor and squeeze into the room ahead. When you complete the puzzle, you will receive an achievement.

Option 2: Creature dies

But first, let's climb the central column. This can be done along a spiral path twisted around it. When you reach the top, look for a mechanism that you can interact with. You will see this place from a bird's eye view. This remote control allows you to switch arrows on the rails.

Referring to the picture, imagine that you see the north rails (top), east rails (top), and west rails (right). If it says below that you must connect to the circle, that means that said rails must be aligned with the rails around the central column we are standing on. If it says below that you need to detach from the circle, then the rails should be directed towards the tunnel that goes away from the central circle.

Activate the western rails by connecting them to the central ring. Activate the east rails by pointing them towards the tunnel (not connecting to the circle). The northern rails are of no interest to you, so you can ignore them. Leave the column and return to the cart with the humanoid. Push the cart until you lock it in another device.

Approach the panel nearby and activate it. Again, a hole will be drilled in the back of the creature. Once the process is complete, return to the cart and keep pushing it. In the end, you will appear in the black room that you discovered earlier. Once the cart stops, you will have access to the control panel. One remote control will allow you to control the crane. Use it to move the humanoid to a new device.

Once the cocoon is in the bucket, use the device in front of the control panel. You will forcibly remove the creature from the shell, leaving your hand. Take it and go to the big door in the east part of the room.

Facing the door, go down the tunnel on the left and find a key implanter similar to the one you found earlier. Use it to implant the key into the disembodied hand and then return to the door.

Place your hand on the control panel on the left or right, and then activate the other one with the key on your hand. The doors will open and you can go inside. This will give you another achievement. Go through the door, which will close immediately after. There is an elevator ahead. Climb to the next floor and go into the room ahead.

Bolt and flesh tree

Regardless of which solution you chose above, you will find yourself in a large hall with two passages - one each on the left and right. Ignore both doorways for now and head to the back of the room. Ahead there will be a capsule that will rise as you approach. Inside it is the first weapon. It is not marked in any way and has no name, but it reminded me of a bolt gun.

With a rifle in hand, go through the east or west doorway and follow the winding path. Both paths will lead to a large, tree-shaped organic clot. Find the control panel in front of this "flesh tree" and activate it. A small aircraft will appear from under the ground, which you can control. Move the device so that it is directly in front of you, and then activate it. This device will connect with a cocoon that has risen from the ground.

After combining the aircraft and cocoon, move the device to the open slot on the flesh tree. The slot is hard to miss as it emits white light. Once the device is in front of it, activate it. A control panel will appear right below where the device slot is inside the tree. Activate the control panel to open the nearest damper.

Go back down any hallway you used to get to the flesh tree and look for the control panel next to the archway to get back to the room where the weapon was. At the beginning of both passages leading to the flesh tree, there is one control panel each with cocoons (like the one you just installed in the flesh tree). You will be able to activate both devices, in turn, using a bolt. As a result, a mechanical arm will move two cocoons to a tree of flesh.

Once you've moved both cocoons, return to the flesh tree, though this time it'll be a bit more difficult. Drone-like organisms fly through the air, spewing white vapor. Let's call them drones. The steam emitted by them deals damage, so stay away from the front of the drone.

The rifle you received functions a little differently than a regular firearm. Instead of flying bullets, you fire a retractable bolt that only kills enemies in range (as far as it can retract). In fact, if you want to destroy the drones, you will have to get as close to the enemies as possible. The best way to kill a drone is to get close to it from behind, avoiding the steam and finishing it with a single poke. You need to aim at the white spheres on the drones.

Destroy the drones and move forward until you reach the flesh tree. Thanks to the two newly activated consoles, two more obelisks will appear. Repeat the process described earlier using the flying machine to place the obelisks on the tree.

When you activate the last control panel under the last installed obelisk, the veins connecting the panel will explode and the main character will pass out. This will end the first act of the game.

Act 2

In the next chapter, the player will have to cross a huge desert and solve a series of cryptic puzzles related to a mysterious key. Along the way, you will encounter a mysterious new entity that will become an integral part of the remaining storyline. After the events of the first act, you will be connected to a purple organism in a strange capsule. After disconnecting, the hero will be able to get out of the capsule and land in the desert.

Having regained control over the character, follow through the desert. You will move along various ruins, bodies, and other sights. Following forward, pay attention to the large structure in the distance. It looks like a giant tower. When you eventually get to it, you can go inside through the door at the base of the tower. In this case, it will be necessary to walk along the building for a long time. Do this and continue on the only winding route. When it seems that you have reached a dead end, turn around and see that in addition to the corridor from which you came here, there is a thin tunnel to the right.

Follow the end of the tunnel until you find a grate through which you can squeeze. Behind it, an auditorium awaits you, and we are definitely not alone here. In the corner is a creepy creature crawling up the walls. Pass to the opposite part of the room and enter the lower tunnel, in which this creature was first noticed. It will run away again, and you can go to an open location.

Go through the archway and follow to the left side. Halfway there will be a doorway leading to a throbbing red organism. For now, we ignore it. Instead, keep walking in a circle until you reach a locked door on your right. Opposite her is a skeleton. Interact with him to get a big key. In the future, we will call it the key to the skeleton.

Skeleton Key Puzzle #1

Next to the skeleton, there is a device in the wall with a suspicious key-shaped hole in the center. Insert the recently found key into it. The puzzle that you solve next will be repeated several times throughout the second chapter. The first one will be the simplest in its essence, and all subsequent ones will be more and more difficult.

You will see four circles on the device. On the outer circle is a key that can be moved in small segments. The three inner circles have a triangular latch. Your task is to move the key and activate it when it matches the latch. Each time you correctly attach the key to the latch, it will move one step towards the center of the circle. And so on until you reach the center.

In the first puzzle, all the locks are fixed, so just collect all the rings one by one, sticking the hairpin through the holes in them. It is very easy to do this. Then set the key at the top to get a complete picture. Go back to the room with the red organism. Approach the large metal lock in front of the giant fleshy mass and insert the key. You will open shutters throughout the room.

As soon as this happens, go to the left side and call the elevator. Climb to the second floor and go through the archway on the right. You will see the creature that crawled through the arch earlier. Follow him to the right until you are above the room where you found the key to the skeleton. Move to the right side to get into a large cylindrical car. This device is able to build bridges to other parts of the location. Interact with the control panel. You will see three passages. You can choose one of the arches. First, select the one on the left side. You will create a bridge to the arch, and you can go further. Follow there, and when the opportunity arises, go to the right.

Skeleton Key Puzzle #2

You will find another castle similar to the one you saw earlier, although this time it will be a bit more difficult. The idea is to reattach the outer circle to all the rings using snaps. But instead, you will have to match the moment to move the pin, since the rings rotate freely and independently of each other. The latches only stop at certain points, so you need to figure out which position to put the key in so that it will eventually align with the latch. When the key and latch match, click LMB to get the pin into the hole in the ring. And you will also hear a characteristic sound at the moment when the hole of the ring is in the right place. There and move the hairpin, and then wait.

Do this three times and then move the key back to the center. After solving the puzzle, return to the device that created the bridge. Create a new bridge to the left passage. Follow the path and eventually, you'll come to an area with a giant spinning fan to your left and a walkway to your right. Our goal is to go through the fan, but first, you need to stop it by following the path to the right.

Follow the path and turn left. You will see a device with three thick cords connected to it. Outside the window in front of this device is the screw you saw earlier. Pull out the cables one by one to stop the screw. As you turn around to leave here, you will come face to face with the creature you've been seeing throughout the level. Now the monster is attacking you. After the cut scene, he will attach himself to the back of the hero, and you will be able to use the rifle again.

Skeleton Key Puzzle #3

When the scene ends, return to the fan and walk between the blades. On the other side, on the left hand, look for a tunnel. Follow through it into a room with another skeleton key puzzle. The holes in which you want to insert the pin will stop alternately in the following places - left-bottom, top and right-bottom. Install a hairpin there, slide it through and complete the solution by inserting the hairpin into the central part. Go to the right side and use the elevator.

After going downstairs, you will find a key implant machine on the wall on the right, similar to the ones in the first act. Interact with the machine to install the key on the main character's hand. When you're ready, go to the opposite side of the room. There you will find a control panel for which you need a bolt. With it, you will open the door ahead. Go further and find yourself in the place where you found the key to the skeleton.

Follow from here to the second skeleton key puzzle you solved earlier. To do this, go to the control panel of the bridges, using the elevator in the room with a large red organism. Once inside, create a bridge to the passage on the left side, as you did before. This will return you to the area with the second skeleton key puzzle. Turn left to find a control panel overlooking the room where you create bridges. It will have a skeleton on it. Take it away.

After installing a new key a few minutes ago, interact with the luminous sphere in the center of the bridge control device. Move the sleeve away from this sphere so that it points to the right tunnel filled with the dead. Activate the sphere to pour acid over all the bodies and clear the passage.

Skeleton Key Puzzle #4

Return to the place where you create bridges, and create a bridge to the tunnel in which the dead were. At the end of it there will be a fourth puzzle for the skeleton key.

This time you need to expect holes from the rings in the following directions: top-right, bottom-right, and bottom-left. A cover will appear, due to which you cannot see the holes in the rings. Just be guided by the sound of a click, and then insert the hairpin, having previously installed it in the places indicated above. When you're done, put the whole key back together by pushing the pin through the top.

After solving all four puzzles, return to the room with the giant red organism. Insert the fully upgraded skeleton key into the lock mechanism in front of the mass of flesh. Large buds will start moving and you will see a panel. The lock mechanism will then move to the left, creating another new control panel.

The final skeleton key puzzle

Navigate to the nearest control panel and activate it. The machine will remove the top of the key and you will see its insides. In front of you will be four rings with white notches on the right and four channels with red notches on the left.

The idea is that the white notches on top of the rings should fit into the channels so that they line up with the red notches. Easier said than done! If you move left or right with a white notch, everyone else will move in sync. If one or more of the white notches cannot move, then you will not be able to move the rest.

The same logic applies to moving white notches up or down, all moving at the same time. However, if the white notch cannot be moved up or down, others will still be able to move as long as the dead-ended notch stays in place. Here's the correct solution to the puzzle, assuming you haven't switched anything yet (or just reboot):

  • Double down
  • One time to the left
  • four times up
  • One time to the left
  • four times down
  • One time to the left
  • two times up
  • One time to the left
  • two times up

If the white marks are aligned with all the red ones, the buds on the red organism will open. Navigate and interact with the control panel inside the bud opposite where you just solved the puzzle.

You will open a capsule nearby and take two important new items. The first is a fleshy, key-shaped organism, and the second is an arachnid creature that looks suspiciously like the facehugger from Alien.

Soon after, a person will appear who will fall out of the capsule and die. Exit the room and go to the locked door across from where you found the skeleton key earlier. Using an organism in the form of a key, you will be able to open this door. I will call it the key of flesh.

Walk forward until you reach another locked door. Use the flesh key and then use the elevator. From now on, the hero will periodically receive damage from the hands of the creature clinging to him. And so throughout the game. Keep in mind that every attack deals damage, so don't forget to heal in time. Let's call this creature a parasite.

Go to the car in the right corner and activate it. The protagonist uses the previously obtained arachnid, which will crawl inside. Blood will be pumped into it through a needle. After the spider will return to you. This spider will collect Healing Orbs that you can use to replenish your health. Do this throughout the game.

When you regain control, go through the door on the right side of the room. Follow the tunnel ahead until you reach a locked door and use the flesh key to open it. On the other side, turn right and continue down this path to another locked door. Use the flesh key again to open it and use the elevator.

Act 3

After going down the elevator, you will see three passages. There will be a locked door on the left, and it will not be possible to open it yet. The key needs to be improved.

Flesh Key: Level 2

To improve the key, go to the middle opening, down the stairs. Soon you will see a series of flesh-covered ruins. Keep walking until you see a device with a red circle on the left, like on a flesh key. Activate it to update the key. On the circle with the constellation (on the key), another luminous dot will appear. Flesh Key upgraded to level 2. As you progress, you will find several similar devices, and you will be able to upgrade the key to the maximum level.

Return to the locked door and use the key to open the locked door on the right. Go down the stairs to meet a clumsy creature. It doesn't pose much of a threat, although it's more durable than the flying drones you encountered earlier. Get close and hit the head twice. Do not forget that after two uses, the weapon should reload. The E key will allow you to heal (hold).

Beware of the poisonous saliva that this monster spews. Before the shot, the enemy will rear up. Run back to a safe distance. Destroy the monster. Go to the control panel nearby to turn the dial on the left. Having done this, you will get a passage to the next part of the corridor. Follow there and look for another control panel. Rotate the disk to create a passage on the upper bridge (1 time). In general, these discs only have two positions, so it's hard to go wrong. Kill another creature, then go back and be sure to use the first console to turn the dial and create another passage on the upper bridge. Go back. You will encounter a small spitting monster that can be killed with two hits to the head.

Returning upstairs, go past the passage on the left, where you descended at the beginning of the act. That is, on the right path from the beginning. To the left is a tunnel that leads back to where you upgraded the Flesh Key to level 2. Turn right at the railing overlooking the ruins and follow through the hole in the disc. Or you can go down the middle tunnel like at the beginning of the game and go straight without turning into the room with the key upgrade device on your right hand.

Puzzle in the loading bay

The path ahead leads to a long walkway overlooking the loading bay. Use the control panel in the center of the passage.

The panel activates the funicular in the form of a sphere by moving it to the left. It will open and you can go inside. Do this, after which the funicular will begin to move. When he reaches his destination, exit and look for another control panel on the right side. Activate it to remove the empty funicular from the path to the left of the path and get a passage into the gloomy tunnel.

Go into the tunnel and you will see a familiar monster at the end of the path. Kill him and continue on. You will move along the corridor with a platform on the left, which is guarded by a monster. Ignore him and pass by. Go down the long slope and get to a fork.

The path to the right leads to a small platform with a crane, to the left - to a doorway at the bottom of the slope. To begin with, move to the left, but be sure to remember this fork, as you will soon need the same platform on the right side. After going through the doorway at the bottom of the slope, you will find a stuck funicular. Enter it and turn right.

How to unlock the funicular

Before moving on, I want to emphasize that there will be many battles in the next section. We'll have to destroy a few spitters, using the few spheres of healing. It will be difficult, so don't forget to aim for the head and run away after two weapon activations. Use the terrain to get away from enemies and dodge their saliva.

When you're ready, go up a few floors down the hallway and find the console. Use it to lift the stuck funicular up, destroying the flesh and blocking the doorway on the right.

After the funicular rises, a monster will fly out of the resulting passage. Kill him and keep moving. Eventually, you will climb up the slope and find a healing station at the top. Stock up on orbs with the spider creature on your belt.

When you're done, turn left. Follow the funicular and enter the hall. Immediately, a small spitter will run out of the long tunnel on the left. Finish him off. In the opposite part of the room, there will be another creeping spitter. Deal with him, then go to the far right corner and through the corridor. Move along it and kill the creeping spitter that will go down the wall.

Head into the next room to find a writhing tentacle hanging from the ceiling. Don't get too close to it or it will shoot acid. Run around the corner, up the slope to the east. In this corridor, you will find a spitter that walks upright. Kill him and, if necessary, remember to restore health by holding the E key.

Go to the new tower with funiculars, which will be on the third floor. Look ahead for a control panel and activate it to send the funicular up, ripping apart the chunks of flesh above. Shortly after, two crawlers will appear to your left and right. Attack one of them twice, then retreat and wait in the corridor until the enemy approaches you on their own.

Land two more hits, then retreat again. Repeat the process until you kill both creatures. Return to the room where the funicular was activated and go into the tunnel on the right. In the end, you will find yourself at a loading dock overlooking the tunnel leading to the funicular tower.

Go to the end and look on the left hand for three pedestals of flesh. The middle and right are empty, but the left has a toggle switch that you can interact with. Use it to activate the funicular ahead, which will cut through the remaining flesh.


Head towards the funicular, but instead of going down, cross over to the other side. You will see a cut scene in which the hands of the parasite again attack the womb of the protagonist. Once you regain control, go into the room on the left side. In the back of the room, there is a cabinet with new weapons.

On the wall opposite the weapon, there is a large fixture that will open when you get close to it. Approach and interact with him. The main character will drive a spider inside, into which yellow bugs will be loaded. These little creatures are ammo for a new pistol that can be fired at enemies. Reload immediately and then prepare for battle.

As soon as you leave the room, you will be attacked by two upright and one crawling spitters. Time to test out a new weapon! The trick to using a pistol is to stand still and aim for a few seconds with full focus on the target. This can be tricky with spitters that attack from a distance, so find some cover and take your time. When the crosshair decreases, you can shoot.

Aim for the head, being careful not to get too close. Step back and use Healing Orbs if necessary. Shoot accurately, and soon you will be able to destroy all opponents. Once they're dead, go through the door the crawler spawned from. Behind it is a large panel with a red dress. Interact with her.

Twist Knot Puzzle #1

You will find a puzzle with four pivot points and the wires that connect them. To solve it, you need to rotate the cables and nodes so that all the nodes on the circuit glow yellow.

When starting the puzzle, the two nodes to the right and left of the panel are connected by a wire. If you rotate one of these nodes, the other will also rotate. If the small arrows on each of the nodes point towards the center, both will turn yellow.

Meanwhile, the cable of the middle node must be connected to the bottom node so that the bottom node can also be rotated. This cable can also be connected to other nodes. For example, if you connect it to the left or right node, this will disconnect the cable that runs between them, and the free node will rotate independently. In order for the middle node to light up, the arrow on it must point to the bottom node.

The trick to solving this puzzle is to individually rotate the left and right nodes so that both of their arrows point to the middle node and the indicators turn yellow. However, you also need to make sure that the arrow of the middle node is pointing towards the bottom one and that both cables are connected. To achieve both goals, one must rely on the cable of the middle node, connecting it to the left and right nodes separately to break the top cable, and move all three nodes to the desired position.

The sequential solution looks like this:

  • Rotate the middle node three times, disconnecting the two side nodes and connecting the cable with the left one.
  • Turn the right knot four times.
  • Turn the left knot four times.
  • Turn the middle knot twice.
  • Rotate the left knot five times.
  • Turn the middle knot twice.

Once the arrows point in the right direction, you will complete the puzzle and a toggle switch will appear on the right. Turn it, return to the three flesh blocks, one of which was turned to lower the cable car, and find the gun.

Add a new power supply to the cabinet on the right so that the elevator goes up to the second floor. Jump from above, go down, and go to a new corridor. There you will find a small open area with two walking spitters and a crawler.

Kill them with a pistol (if you have ammo) or switch to your first weapon. Once the enemies are dead, keep moving until you enter the room under the first-knot puzzle. Inside you will find a medical station and another knot puzzle in the center of the room.

Twist Knot Puzzle #2

The principle of solving the second puzzle is the same as the first, although this time there will be two more knots. Let's call them top-middle and top nodes depending on their position. For the top node to be activated, the cable from the top middle node (which is located between the left and right nodes) must be connected to it.

When the top middle node cable is connected to the top node, the left and right nodes will move in sync with the top middle node. If it is connected to the right or left node, only the top middle node and the connected node will move. If the middle node is connected to the top-middle node, then both nodes will move synchronously, but the left and right nodes will be able to move freely.

Here is one solution to the puzzle:

  • Turn the middle knot three times.
  • Rotate the left knot three times.
  • Turn the top-mid knot once.
  • Turn the right knot three times.
  • Turn the middle knot once.
  • Turn the top-mid knot once.
  • Rotate the left knot once.
  • Turn the right knot three times.
  • Turn the middle knot three times.
  • Turn the top-middle knot three times.

When the puzzle is completed, take the power supply on the right and return it to the cabinets. Next to this puzzle, by the way, there is a healing station. Insert the last power supply into the middle cabinet to unlock the lower corridors.

Take the funicular down two tiers to return to a familiar place. turn around and find the control panel nearby. Use it so that a huge mechanical paw moves the same funicular, and the device from below moves it to the right.

Remember the platform you saw before leaving to the left towards the funicular that had just been moved? You must go back there and use the top panel. She turns on the faucet. Move the crane to the left and grab the funicular with the LMB. Move away from this panel and approach another console just below. You will climb on the platform along with the crane and funicular to the second floor. Return to the crane control panel and move the cart to the right to hook it onto the nearest grapple. Move away from the console.

Go to the right side to find the funicular control panel. With it, you will move the funicular to the port of the loading platform and you will be able to enter it. This is how you leave this place.

How to leave the loading bay

After the cart arrives at its destination, go outside and watch the cut-scene with the parasite. Once he gets back on his feet, turn right and find the ammo panel. Collect them and reload the gun. Return to the main route and move inland until you reach a fork. Turn right. In the tunnel ahead, you will come face to face with an upright spitter. Kill him, keep moving, and eventually you will reach another tunnel. Two spitters are crawling along the walls. Everyone can be killed with one hit.

You will enter an area with a gate on the right and a bolt panel ahead. Take out the rifle and use it to activate the panel. You will open the gate. Pass through them to the right and enter the circular area. Follow the path in a circle until you reach a doorway. Pass through it to come face to face with a new monster.

This enemy looks like an enlarged crawler that is much faster and can take more damage. It cannot spit acid but will lunge at you when it gets close. The easiest way to hide from him is to lure him into the room from which they just came. Move in a circle, forcing the enemy to chase you. When you get back to the doorway you came from, go through it and turn left. Where the monster came from.

This path leads to another round room. Follow the path until you see another bolt panel in front of a closed gate. Use the rifle to activate the panel and open the gate on the left, closing the other gate on the right. Go through the open gate and the room ahead. Continue following the path through the room and take the second doorway on the right.

After entering a new area filled with fleshy organisms, you need to find an elevator hidden behind the railing on the right. Go into it and press the button to go up to the path above.

After leaving the elevator, turn left, and find another locked door, which cannot be opened with a flesh key. Need to improve it. With that in mind, go back to the elevator and turn right. On the right, there will be a panel that can be activated with a bolt. Having done this, you will see how a new passage opens. You will also wake up a creeper that will have to be killed.

Take the elevator down and go through a new opening that leads to a cylindrical room with another large red organism in the center. On the left, there is a gate with a large monster behind it, and on the right, there is a bolt panel.

Activate the panel with the bolt, opening the gate on the left and closing another gate on the right. You will also see that a large monster has been released. At the moment, you don't need to kill him, so first upgrade the key to the third level.

Flesh Key: Level 3

In the new area, you will find a machine to upgrade the key to the third level. Activate it and a third glowing dot will appear on the key.

The next task is to return to the locked elevator that was seen at the very beginning. However, for this you will have to destroy the big man that you freed earlier. There is an ammo station to the left of the key upgrade device. Use the control panel to open the gate.

You can try to save on ammo. Wait for the monster to be in the distance, and then open the gate. Once on the other side, move in a circle until you reach the door leading back to the elevator that was last used. Stay away from the big guy. Don't let him get too close as the bolt will not stop his hit animation.

As soon as you leave the room and return to the elevator, go up. Turn left, go back to the locked door and use the level 3 key.

Inside there will be a healing station (on the left) and a funicular (on the right). Grab some Healing Orbs and enter the funicular. Watch the cut scene.

Once completed, enter the funicular and wait for it to stop. When you get outside, you will see a tunnel in front of you. Walk towards it until a tentacle appears on the ceiling. Move back, aim and shoot. The tentacle can be killed with one hit.

As you continue down the tunnel, an upright spitter will appear. Aim and fire, then reload and continue through the tunnel. When you reach the end, turn right and move to the passage ahead. There are tons of crawling spitters crawling over the fleshy organisms around you, though they won't attack you. You can safely walk past them.

Eventually, you will reach a broken funicular covered in blood and flesh. Turn left and follow the path. When the big guy runs at you, step back and return to the broken funicular. As soon as the enemy turns the corner, aim, and shoot.

Keep firing until he gets within a dangerous distance, then turn around and run down the path you came from. As soon as you manage to move away from the enemy to a safe distance, turn around and continue shooting. In the end, you will kill the monster. When he is dead, return to the main path where you met the big man, and follow on.

You will arrive at another station with funiculars. Turn left and go down the tunnel until you reach the elevator. Ride down to complete the third act.

Act 4

Climb down and run to the fork to the right. Along the way, you can optionally shoot at the spitting tentacle, or run past it. Climb the bridge on the right (there are steps on the left, but we'll go to them later) and activate the control panel to interact with the giant creature. Move away from the panel and kill the upright spitter. Climb the stairs on the right to enter inside (there is now a bridge) and activate the control panel. You lift the cabinet with the screen up.

Exit the other route and move along the structure in the center, killing a lot of enemies. In total, you will be attacked by three crawlers and one upright spitter. Soon you will find yourself in a large room with many passages. You can go over the top left and right. The path to the right leads to a dead end, so head to the top left first to find a healing station and a control panel that you can use to manipulate the monster again. Be careful, because two crawlers will come running at you from two sides. At the same time, you can go even further, go upstairs, but there will be a door that requires a fourth-level key.

Go back and again stand facing the room with many forks. Get down. From here you can go left, right, or forward. On the left side, there will be another door that requires a level 4 key. So far we don't have it. There will be a dead end on the right, so move forward. go down to the device with which you can control parts of the maze. When you go down to it, you will again be attacked by the hands of the parasite. For now, ignore the console. On the left, there is a staircase going even higher, but there will be a dead end.

Therefore, just go around the control console and look ahead for a panel with a new weapon. It will be a very powerful shotgun. On the left, there is a device with pistol ammo. Even closer to the left, you might notice a level 4 key door. So for now, ignore her. Run down the adjacent corridor with your shotgun ready to finish off the big guy. It will drop in two shots. Take the elevator up at the end of the corridor.

Kill two upright spitters and follow to the right. When you get upstairs, turn left. Soon you will enter a room with a big guy. If you climb even higher, you will find a device to upgrade the flesh key to level 4. Upgrade it, kill all enemies at will. Open the door below using the level 4 key to return to the remote you used earlier for the second interaction with the giant monster.

Go back to the central room. Climb down and turn left. Open the gate with the fourth level key, it is completely optional to destroy the tentacle. On the right, there will be a descent down, and in the basement, you will find a remote control that will allow you to raise the second screen up.

Return to the place where you found the shotgun and open the gate on the left with the fourth-level key. There will be an elevator at the end of the corridor. Climb up on it, kill the crawler and use the bolt gun on the nearby panel to open the gate, creating a short path back to the central hall. Turn around and go to the other end of the corridor. Along the way, you will meet a big guy. You can lure him back to the elevator to get around without a fight. There is also a healing station in the middle of the corridor, and at the end, there will be an elevator that you need to take up.

Activate the device on the right to affect the giant creature a third time. Do not rush to leave, but instead run to the end of this floor, along the way, killing the upright spitter. There you will find an ammo station. Collect them, reload all weapons. The first big guy that appears on this floor can be bypassed. But when you go down, be ready to fight several monsters at once. Almost everyone will have to be killed in a mandatory order. A little further than the healing station, on the right hand there is an opening. Follow through it to go down the new corridor and lift up the third screen.

Return and go to the right, through the recently opened gate. Follow the device with which you can control the three raised screens. This is a very simple puzzle. In fact, on the screens you see the same points - white and orange. You need to move the white dot across the different screens down, right, up and left to connect with the orange one. On the screens, partitions are installed in different places, so you have to switch between them to find new passages. Climb up the leftmost ladder and go down the corridor to the trolley. Enter inside and after the cut-scene, and use the control panel.

Act 5

There are many different routes but first, move up. Once inside, you will find some rather strange construction. You can climb the stairs up or use the doorways with steps on the left and right (in both cases they lead down). The right side steps are broken, so use the ladder on the left.

The steps lead down two levels, but for now you only need to go down one, since the lowest one has nothing useful (at the moment), except for a console that will damage you if you interact with it. You will enter a room with two bodies connected to equipment. First, interact with the body on the right to pick up the container, which is currently only half full of blood. Then go down the corridor in front of you.

Approach the equipment in which you need to insert a container of blood. Once you do this, the gate will open. Pass through them to get into a large room with two cages in the middle, an automaton on the left, and consoles for replenishing health and ammo.

Resupply, reload and look out for two red embryos near the healing and ammo stations. Take any and install inside the automaton at the other end of the room. After fixing it, shoot the embryo twice. With the first hit, you will break the protective cover, and with the second, you will kill the embryo, and the liquid will spill onto the floor. Pick up the dead embryo and take it back to the console where the blood container was inserted.

The console will crush the embryo and the container will be filled with blood. Place the filled container back in place to activate the slot for a nearby corpse. Having done this, take the empty container and return to the automaton room to fill it too.

Regenerate health in advance, reload your weapon, because as soon as you insert the embryo, the automaton will come to life and the battle with the real boss will begin.

The automaton fires grenades. Constantly move around the room, using the two large cages in the center of the room as cover. Continue until the enemy stops to perform a reload. As soon as he stops attacking, you will see glowing purple pouches sticking out of the opponent's sides. Shoot at any of them to deal damage to the enemy. One hit from a pistol is enough for the bag to explode. And then run away from the enemy and repeat the process as many times as needed.

Before reloading, the boss shoots literally 8-9 times, so you can even count the shots to know the approximate state of affairs. The best thing is not to hide in shelters, but to move around the room without stopping. Almost certainly all grenades will fly past you. Use cover only for healing. And if you get too close to the boss, he will attack you in the forehead.

After you destroy all pouches (four), the boss will disappear, and you can heal and restore ammo. Walk towards the enemy and interact with his launcher to make him come to life. This will begin the second stage of the battle.

This time the boss will launch single grenades. Continue to move around the perimeter of the room in one direction. All projectiles will fly past. When the enemy stops, instead of reloading, it will try to attack you in melee. Stay where you are and let him come. At first, he will just wave his hand, and you need to step back. After the boss will recharge and repeat the action. On the third or fourth time he swings, the core will open and you can shoot at the embryo. Then it will be necessary to wait for the second such opportunity. After two successful hits, the boss will be defeated, and you can pick up the embryo, take it to the console and crush it, getting some blood. What's more, you can even pick up the Automaton Grenade Launcher, giving you incredible firepower for the latter stages of the game.

Take the embryo to the console by the door and squeeze it out to fill the container halfway. You need to find the third embryo, which is locked behind the gate in the room where you just fought the boss. Go back there and stand on the pressure plate on the right side of the room to open the wall panel. Fire one grenade, which will open the gate and gain access to the embryo.

Place the embryo in another automaton. Again you have to fight him, but, fortunately, the fight will be easier. This automaton will launch 10 grenades at you in a row. Use a similar strategy. After that, he will start reloading, and will expose the cache of ammunition on his back. Shoot one grenade there to destroy the robot, and take the last embryo.

Insert it into the console to fill the container with blood, and try to install it in the hole near the second body. Nothing will come out because of the spikes on the hand. Go down the stairs to the lower floor and use the device that will damage you (near the left wall, in the far corner). Now you can interact with consoles again.

There is also another pressure plate, opposite the stairs you come down here. Stand on it and fire a grenade launcher into the compartment that appears to open the gate. Go through them and you will see on the right a small room with a door, a healing station, and another device that will allow you to remove spikes from your hands (but will cause damage). Oddly enough, you can still use the healing station, so do it.

If you return and go along the central bridge, there will be a door with five luminous points ahead (we have a level 4 key). There is also a console in the room on the left that you cannot interact with. Return to the healing station, cut the spikes from the hands, and open the level 4 door.

You will find yourself in a small area with a push platform. Stand on it to set the conveyors in motion from above. Time the shot so that the projectile flies to the far side of the room. If you need ammunition, look for them in the automaton on the right, but you can only take shells without spikes, that is, you will again have to injure yourself. Don't forget to keep an eye on your health. Fire a shot to set off an explosion that will expose the device for the final key upgrade. Cut off the growths and upgrade the key to level 5.

Once you've done that, run towards the door with the five glowing dots to open it. You need to act quickly to get to the door, and cut off the growths on the first device.

After going through the door, you will find yourself in a small room with equipment. To interact with him, you again need to cut off the growths. Watch the cut-scene and take control of the cutting device. Place it above your head and start interacting to remove the parasite. Exit the room and turn right to open the gate with the console.

Return to the main building. Go left and down the stairs to reach a room with two bodies. Install the second container to go up a level. Now interact with the metal sculpture behind you.

After the cut-scene, you will be able to control the two humanoids that were previously pumped with blood. Use the spacebar to switch between them.

Use one humanoid to interact with the metal sculpture and retrieve your past body. Take it to the large doorway that is in front. Switch to another humanoid and go to the entrance to the large room. In front of the door, look to the right to see a tube with which you can install a key on your hand. Interact with the console in the big room. The humanoid with the body should be at the red door. Go through it and go to the very end to watch the final video.

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