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Starfall in Sonic Frontiers: How it works, when it happens and prizes

 We show you how the Starfall special event works in Sonic Frontiers. Discover the advantages you can get by making the most of these nights.

Starfall in Sonic Frontiers: How it works, when it happens and prizes

During your explorations around the islands of Sonic Frontiers, sometimes on some nights, you may come across an extraordinary event known as the Meteor Shower. In this event, the sky is covered with shooting stars that fall all over the stage and can give you certain very succulent benefits in your game.

If you have already come across one of these nights but you are not sure how they work or when they happen, don't worry, below we will show you all the details of the shower of stars in this entry of our Sonic Frontiers guide and we will tell you what prizes you can win at their roulette.

When does a meteor shower happen?

  • The nightly events of the Meteor Showers in Sonic Frontiers are completely random in the game, so you never know for sure when they happen (other than that they only happen at night, obviously).
Sonic Frontiers has a day and night cycle that cannot be altered, that is, time is always moving while we are in an open world area. Just randomly, at a certain point, the game will decide that when the next night begins, a shower of stars will be activated.

Please note that the Meteor Shower can occur on any of the 5 main islands in the game.

How the rain of stars and prizes works

When a Meteor Shower begins in Sonic Frontiers, all items and enemies on the island you're on are reset (this includes all crates you've broken and any Guardians you've defeated).

But, in addition (and more importantly), for approximately 2 minutes the sky will be covered with fleeting meteorites that will fall everywhere in this event. Then you will see around you a lot of star fragments that emit colored rays towards the sky and a kind of mini-game of chance with a roulette machine will appear at the top of the screen.

  • The Starfall Roulette prize machine features various symbols or patterns divided into three rows.
  • Picking up a Star Fragment that has fallen from the sky will start the wheel spinning.
  • The symbols spinning on the wheel will stop one by one.
  • When all three symbols stop, if the three that have stopped are identical, you will receive a prize.
  • However, if the symbols do not match each other when they land, there will be no prize.
Obviously, roulette rewards are purely random and you never know which symbols are going to match. Now, as long as you keep collecting fallen stars, the chance of getting prizes will keep increasing. So it is advisable to make the most of this event and collect all the stars you see near you (remember that the ones you have collected reappear after a few seconds).

roulette prizes

Through the Starfall Roulette prizes, you can win both Purple Coins and Lost Kocos.

  • You get purple coins: if 3 purple symbols appear on the wheel, 3 red shield symbols, or 3 "BAR" signs (each one awards different amounts of coins).
  • You get lost kocos: if 3 lost kocos appear on the wheel.
Meteor Shower events are one of the best ways to rack up purple coins and stray kocos quickly, so when one happens, don't miss out.