With Wild Hearts, EA and Koei Tecmo emulate Capcom's Monster Hunter series. The hunting game is accordingly stuffed with mechanics. Unfortunately, the title doesn't tell you everything by a long shot. Luckily we exist, and we enable you to get started with essential tips and tricks.


That's how you get gold

Coming from Monster Hunter, the lack of money in Wild Hearts can come as a surprise. Because, unlike Capcom's title, you don't fill your pockets with successfully completed quests. From time to time there are tasks that flush some gold into the till. But that's definitely not the rule.

So what do you do when the finance minister throws a spanner in the works when crafting weapons and armor? It's worth taking a look at your inventory. Because from the Kemono you not only get materials that are useful for building your equipment. Some parts are for the sole purpose of being sold at the Scarlet Treasury in Minato. The description tells you what it is: "Material that can be sold for money." Pretty obvious, right?

Petting Kemono brings resources

That may go against any instinct, after all, the only purpose of a hunting game is to kill monsters. When it comes to the big Kemono, you have no other option, but the small animal inhabitants of Azuma crave your affection. Although the tutorial introduces the mechanics, it hides an essential fact from you.

Because if you pet the little Kemono instead of killing them, they will drop materials out of gratitude. So if you are still missing a very specific part for the next armor, it may well depend on it. For cuddles, just crouch, sneak up, and press the button indicated to please the critters.

Beat up the training dummy

Wild Hearts offers eight types of weapons, each type with its own move set and special mechanics. If you don't train enough, you'll look stupid in the fight against the Kemono. Luckily, the game gives you plenty of opportunities to learn about your favorite death tool.

However, the training dummy is somewhat hidden. You can find her on Minato Beach, near the forge leading down a flight of stairs. Alternatively, the map offers a fast travel option. The wooden bear offers some settings with which you can replicate various scenarios. Which pose should he take, are your weapon bars charged directly, does the doll attack you, and more.

Don't forget to eat

Every Monster Hunter veteran knows the problem: You forget to eat and are significantly weakened before the next beast. This danger also exists in Wild Hearts, but the Omega Force game lets you fix the error relatively easily. Because you don't need a canteen to eat. Instead, you can do this at any time in the field as long as you are not in combat.

But what are you supposed to shove between your gills anyway? Shiitake mushrooms, millet, turnips and much more can be found throughout the four areas. Alternatively, you can eat the meat from butchered small kemono. The buffs range from more health and better defense to resistance to certain types of damage. With special dragon karakuri like the Preserve Jar, you can make the foods even more effective.

Spend your Kemono Balls on Karakuri

As satisfying as it is to break part of a kemono with a well-placed slash, it does more than just deal damage. The beasts also lose special orbs after juicy effect hits, which you can – and definitely should – spend in the Karakuri skill tree! After just a few hunts, numerous upgrades or completely new skills are available to you.

In general, it would be a huge mistake not to check the karakuri tree regularly. Because here you will find not only exciting new additions for your fights or new dragon karakuri but also the fusions. You can either look up forgotten combos or learn which basic karakuri you need to carry with you in battles against which kemono in order to unlock them.

Take care of the Tsukomo

The small wooden balls are indispensable helpers in every fight. They attack Kemono, attract her attention or heal you. At least if you are traveling alone, in co-op the Tsukomo, unfortunately, stay at home.

They are already extremely useful in their original form, but upgrades make them even better. To do this, you have to make friends with other Tsukomo, 50 of them are hiding in each area. Audio cues tell you the locations, alternatively, a hunting tower upgrade marks them as question marks on your map. Each new buddy provides you with an old gear wheel, and you upgrade the Tsukomo at the campfire.

Read the encyclopedia

Each Kemono has its own strengths and weaknesses, tolerates certain types of damage worse than others, and only drops some parts if you destroy the corresponding part of the body. Of course, you could get all this information through blunt trial and error. Or you can be clever and read the encyclopedia.

Once you've knocked out a kemono for the first time, it will appear there. Includes visual examples of normal and enraged states, and also lore if you're interested. By the way, for more in-depth descriptions you have to kill five monsters of the same species.

Take a bath too

Preparation is the be-all and end-all for any successful hunter. We have already covered food, and crafting suitable weapons and armor goes without saying. In Minato, however, there is another possibility for self-optimization, which is hidden far up in the city.

Tamakazura offers soothing baths for you. If you jump into the cool water, it increases your maximum health. You can find her at the fast travel point "In front of the big gate". Just turn around, go into the building, and go left. If you have certain resources in your inventory, you can take particularly relaxing baths that offer additional buffs.

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