All Pyro characters in Genshin Impact

 Genshin Impact is one of the top games on smartphones, consoles, and PC. That is why it becomes the contender for the title of "Best mobile game of the year" according to The Game Awards for the third time. This year she has good competitors, so we will vote with you and follow the developments. Now to the main one.

There are currently 10 Pyro characters in Genshin. Let's look at them all.

1. Yoimiya


Yoimiya is a 5-star Pyro Hero with ranged weapons. She has an average height, and the character herself is used as an attacker with explosive damage. Yoimiya can be obtained through the prayer of the Golden Flame Tapestry event.

  • Birthday: June 21;
  • Region: Inazuma;
  • Special Meal: "Summer's Feast Fish" - Drops when cooking Tricolor Dango. The recipe is purchased from Kiminami Anna in Inazuma for 5,000 mora. The dish itself restores 40% HP to one character and an additional 2,350 health points.

2. Bennett


Bennet is a 4-star Pyro Hero with one-handed weapons. He is also of average height. It can both deal explosive damage and restore HP to other characters. It will be possible to knock out Bennet through prayers or the Paimon store.

  • Birthday: February 29;
  • Region: Mondstadt;
  • Special Meal: Teyvat Crispy Egg - Obtained when you cook Teyvat Fried Egg, the recipe is available from the start of the game. A special dish resurrects a fallen character and restores 10% of their HP and 150 additional HP.

3. Diluc


Diluc is a 5-star Pyro Hero with two-handed weapons. He is very easy to learn and acts as the main damage dealer around which the team is built. By the way, he is tall and falls out through prayers.

  • Birthday: April 30;
  • Region: Monstadt;
  • Special Meal: "Once Upon a Time in Monstadt" - can be obtained by preparing "Rise the Mountain", the recipe is purchased for 5,000 mora in the Good Hunter restaurant, but you need to reach Adventure rank 40. The dish increases the chance of a critical hit and damage by 20%.

4. Klee


Klee is a 5-star Pyro Hero with a Catalyst as a weapon. She is short, meaning "loli". There are various uses for Klee in a squad, but she will feel best as a main damage dealer. It will be possible to knock out this hero through prayers.

  • Birthday: July 27;
  • Region: Monstadt;
  • Special Meal: Fish Sandwich - Obtained by making the Fisherman's Sandwich. The dish increases the defense of the entire squad by 151 points.

5. XinYan


Xin Yan is a 4-star Pyro character of medium height with two-handed weapons. It protects the active character with a shield and increases the physical damage of allies. You can get it out through prayer.

  • Birthday: October 16;
  • Region: Li Yue;
  • Special Meal: "Rocker Chicken" - obtained by cooking Spicy Steamed Chicken, the recipe is obtained from the People's Choice restaurant for 2,500 mora, but after reaching the 20th rank of Adventure.

6. Xiangling


Xiangling is a 4-Star Polearm Pyro Hero. She is of medium height and also acts as the main damage dealer; Xiang Ling also has a high attack speed and a large ult radius. The hero drops through prayers, the people's choice, and the paimon store.

  • Birthday: November 2;
  • Region: Li Yue;
  • Special Meal: Signature Boiled Fish - obtained by cooking black perch, the recipe is purchased for 5,000 mora in the People's Choice restaurant after rank 30 of Adventure.

7. Toma


Toma is a 4-Star Polearm Pyro Hero. He acts as a support character, which is not often seen in the fire element. He can attack and defend at the same time. Drops Tom through prayers.

  • Birthday: January 9;
  • Region: Inazuma, Monstadt;
  • Special Meal: "Warmth" - Dropped by cooking Miso Soup, sold by Shimura Kambei in Inazuma for 1,250 mora.

8. Hu Tao

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a top 5-star Pyro character with a polearm. She is of medium height and acts as an offensive burst damage hero. She can also increase her damage, but sacrificing HP.

  • Birthday: July 15;
  • Region: Li Yue;
  • Special Meal: "Ghost March" - can be obtained by cooking "Vegetarian Mussels", the recipe is bought from Verr Goldet. The dish resurrects the character and gives him 15% HP and 550 extra HP.

9. Amber


Ember is a 4-star Pyro character that the player receives for free during the prologue. She summons a companion to the battlefield that "tanks", that is, forces enemies to attack herself. She also perfectly activates pyro-mechanisms.

  • Birthday: August 10;
  • Region: Monstadt;
  • Special Meal: Champion Scout Steak - Obtained by cooking the meat steak, available from the start of the game. The dish resurrects the character, and gives him 10% health and an additional 150.

10. Yan Fei

Yan Fei

Yan Fei is a 4-star Pyro character with a catalyst. She again takes on the role of the main damage dealer. The character is famous for its ease of learning, huge damage, and range of attacks.

  • Birthday: July 28;
  • Region: Li Yue;
  • Special Dish: Minority Report - Obtained by making crab tofu. The recipe is purchased at the People's Choice restaurant. The dish resurrects the hero and restores him 15% HP + 550 additionally.

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