Company of Heroes 3: Cheats for resources, command points and more - Game Guide

 Do you want to get more manpower, ammunition or fuel in the strategy game Company of Heroes 3 in order to decide the battle in your favor? Or are you looking for a way to turn off the fog of war to see everything that's happening on the map? That and more is possible with the help of cheats for Company of Heroes 3. You can find out here how you can activate console commands in Company of Heroes 3 and which cheats are available.

Company of Heroes 3: Cheats for resources, command points and more - Game Guide

Enable console commands

If a campaign mission is too difficult for you or if a battle against the AI ​​is hopelessly lost, cheats can help and turn the tables again. However, console commands are disabled by default, so you'll need to make changes in Steam before launching the game.

Proceed as follows to activate cheats:

  1. Open your Steam library
  2. Right-click the "Company of Heroes 3" game file.
  3. Select "Properties".
  4. Select the "General" menu item.
  5. Enter -dev in the text line under start options.
  6. Console commands are now enabled. You can start the game.

You can now open the console in campaign and skirmish mode. Calls the console with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + ^ and closes it again after entering the respective cheat with the same key combination.

Cheats for manpower, ammo, and more

Company of Heroes 3 may not have the most cheats compared to other strategy games, but all of them can prove useful. To activate one of the following console commands, enter one of the cheats below and replace the bold word "count" with a value of your choice. You can also copy a cheat and paste it into the game with Ctrl + V. Then confirm the entered console command with the Enter key.

increase manpowerPlayer_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), RT_Manpower, Count )
increase ammoPlayer_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), RT_Ammo, Count )
increase fuelPlayer_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), RT_Fuel, Count )
command pointsPlayer_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), RT_Command, Count )
Increase population maximumPlayer_SetPopCapOverride(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), Count )
Removes Fog of WarFOW_RevealAll
Adjust game speed (10 = default)setsimrate( number )

The cheat Player_SetResource(Game_GetLocalPlayer(), RT_Command, 20) gives you 20 command points in this case.

Max Manpower, Ammo, and Fuel is 9,999. You can enter higher values, but the amount is limited to that amount. This limit does not exist for the maximum population, but we advise you not to overdo it with a flood of units, as frame rate drops and crashes could result.

Finally, we have a tip for newcomers: reduce the game speed slightly so that you have more time to familiarize yourself with a faction's units and technologies and to make important decisions on the battlefield. When you feel safe, you can reset the game speed back to the original value (10).

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