Company of Heroes 3: US Forces: Special Features, Strengths & Weaknesses - Game Guide

 The US Forces in Company of Heroes 3 are of interest to all players who want to focus on either infantry, vehicles, or air support. Here you can find out what else the US Forces are up to and what weaknesses you should know about.

Company of Heroes 3: US Forces: Special Features, Strengths & Weaknesses - Game Guide

Important: In this guide, we will go into more detail about the underlying characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of the US Forces. Combat groups, which can be unlocked with command points in battle, play only a minor role or not at all in the context of the guide.

Special building features and technologies

  • The Medical Station provides free wounded reinforcements but is a separate building.
  • Headquarters: You can build either the Air Force Research Center (unlocks air support), the Mechanized Research Center (repairs vehicles and unlocks half-tracks), or the Infantry Research Center (unlocks captain retinues). You should therefore already know before you build a research center which focus you will choose.
  • Barracks: The M1918 Browning Automatic Rifles (BAR) research grants each rifle squad a light machine gun that is granted independently of other weapon upgrades.

The best units

The best units

The best tanks:

  • Infrastructure: The M4(105) Sherman bulldozer is useful against infantry with two .30 caliber machine guns, but also against buildings and most tanks thanks to a 105mm howitzer. With a mounted space shield, he can also quickly and easily overcome small and medium-sized covers.
  • Anti-tank: The M4-A1 Sherman medium tank deals moderate damage to enemy tanks with its 75mm gun and has a higher rate of fire when compared directly to the Hellcat tank destroyer.
  • The M4A3E8 Easy-Eight Sherman is only available through Panzerkampfgruppe: PanzerDoctrine, but delivers the best infantry and anti-tank defenses in US Forces. However, the heavy battle tank also costs you a whopping 22 population.

Other noteworthy units:

  • All infantry units and most tanks from veteran level 1 can set a so-called offensive/target position, which unlocks passive bonuses or active abilities.
  • Unlike usual, there is no conventional infantry unit that can be equipped with anti-tank shocks. Instead, a Bazooka Squad is available in the Weapons Research Center, which is only suitable for tank hunting.
  • The 1/4-ton 4x4 can repair itself out of combat, eliminating the need for Engineers to accompany it at all times.
  • The Engineer Squad can construct deployable battle emplacements that provide additional cover for your troops.
  • The M3 armored personnel carrier has multiple transformation options (anti-aircraft emplacement, anti-tank gun, or medical station).

Strengths and weaknesses of US Forces

Advantages of the US Forces:

  • The rifle squad can be upgraded with M1918 Browning automatic rifles and (sticky) grenades in addition to the conventional weapon upgrade, making it one of the most menacing standard units.
  • The US Forces feature many different infantry units and tanks.
  • All vehicles and tanks are immediately available after constructing the corresponding buildings. An additional technology that unlocks more tanks or vehicles is not required.
  • Infantry units and some tanks can be equipped with one of two new abilities for free after reaching veteran level 1.

Disadvantages of the US Forces:

  • At the start, the US Forces only have weak infantry (reconnaissance troops and engineers) at their disposal.
  • The faction has no artillery (except for special combat squads).
  • Infantry units specialize in certain unit types and are therefore not very adaptable.

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