Company of Heroes 3: Wehrmacht: characteristics, strengths & weaknesses - Game Guide

 In Company of Heroes 3, the Wehrmacht is probably the least hurdle for newcomers. With their complex infantry units and tanks, they are prepared for any battle. We will tell you here what special features the faction has and what advantages and disadvantages it has on the battlefield.

Company of Heroes 3: Wehrmacht: characteristics, strengths & weaknesses - Game Guide

Important: In this guide, we will go into more detail about the underlying characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the Wehrmacht. Combat groups, which can be unlocked with command points in battle, play only a minor role or not at all in the context of the guide.

Special building features and technologies

  • Headquarters: Medical Station can heal infantry and squad weapons without taking up a building slot.
  • Headquarters: Only two different units at the beginning of the game.
  • The Officer's Quarters technology is available in every building and immediately promotes its units to Veteran Level 1. In addition, the rate at which experience points are gained is increased by 25%.

The best units

The best tanks:

  • Infrastructure: The Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär is efficient against stationary infantry and does the most damage to structures of any conventional tank.
  • Anti-Infantry: The Whirlwind anti-aircraft tank is extremely efficient against infantry and light vehicles, and has medium tank armor to boot.
  • Anti-tank: The Stug III-D self-propelled gun achieves moderate results in direct combat against other tanks.

The best infantry:

  • Anti-Infantry: Armed with G43 rifles and a light MG-42, the Shock Squad is useful against enemy infantry.
  • Anti-tank: The Jägertrupp has a long range with its G43 rifles and can also deal with larger tanks thanks to the Panzerschreck weapon upgrade. Ambush tactics also give the squad stealth while stationary.

Other noteworthy units:

  • The Kettenkrad reconnaissance vehicle can already be produced at headquarters, and is capable of placing anti-personnel mines and capturing territory points.
  • Engineer Squad can build Concrete Bunker and convert it to MG-42 Bunker (with stationary MG), Repair Bunker (repairs nearby vehicles), or Medical Bunker (heals nearby infantry). It is also able to capture territory points faster than regular infantry.
  • Wehrmacht tanks can activate the Covered Position ability, giving them up their mobility in exchange for increased protection from direct fire.
  • Grenadier Squads can merge squads to restore a squad's full unit count and have medical packs that heal wounds.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Wehrmacht

Advantages of the Wehrmacht:

  • Large selection of different infantry types.
  • Fast experience gain thanks to officer quarters.
  • Does not have to research grenades first, but are automatically unlocked by building buildings.
  • Plenty of anti-aircraft capabilities thanks to Whirlwind anti-aircraft tanks and other anti-aircraft positions.
  • Is able to provide an appropriate response to any enemy maneuver thanks to a wide range of unit types.

Disadvantages of the Wehrmacht:

  • Comparatively expensive tanks.
  • Barely researchable technologies to improve troops.
  • Weak and few starting units.

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