Guide to PvP Demon Hunter from Diablo Immortal

 In this PvP build for the Demon Hunter from Diablo Immortal, we'll see how you can abuse his abilities to always stay away from the enemy and rain arrows at him, in complete control of the situation. Well, let's look at the items, accessories, and gems that will be required to implement the plan.

Guide to PvP Demon Hunter from Diablo Immortal

How to move and what to use?

To avoid being killed by a crowd of enemies or a barbarian, the Demon Hunter should use the Pendulum ability, but only when it is necessary to avoid damage, and not to get close to the enemy. That is, a few charges should always be stored.

If you see a large crowd of enemies, you should use Rain of Vengeance against them - it fires an AoE hail of arrows over 4 seconds. As for the basic ability " Volley ", it is better to use it on cd, and for a greater effect, turn on " Retribution " before that, which increases the damage of the main attack.

Basic equipment

  • Right hand - Breath of winter. This crossbow adds frost arrows to Multi-Shot, which slow down enemies with cold, and if you awaken the weapon, the cooldown of Multi-Shot will be reduced by 10%;
  • Left hand - Insatiable. This crossbow can be obtained as a Battle Pass reward. It adds a piercing effect to the basic attack, which must be spammed between skill uses;
  • Helmet - Unstoppable hatred. Adds 1 more charge to the Pendulum, increasing mobility on the battlefield;
  • Shoulders - Shoulders of the Hail. Like Breath of Winter adds a Chill effect, only this time for Rain of Vengeance;
  • Chestplate - Heart of Vengeance. It reduces the cooldown of Retribution by 15%, further buffing basic attacks.
  • Pants - Koff's Relentless Rage. With them, every second main attack while affected by Retribution fires 1 missile.

Set Minor Items

The ideal option for secondary items is to collect a set. If it is fully assembled, then the benefits will be greater than from items of lower quality. We recommend that you complete the Shal'baas Warwraps set. All 6 items increase basic attack damage by 15%, increase their attack speed by up to 25%, and have a 5% chance to increase attack speed for 10 seconds.

  • Thunderstring of Shal'baas (Girdle) - Dropped from the Forgotten Tower on Hell I+ difficulty.
  • Windshoes of Shal'baas (Boots) - Looted from Fakhir's Tomb on Hell I+ difficulty.
  • Shal'baas' Dozen Strikes (Gloves) - Dropped from the Mad King's Rift on Hell II+ difficulty.
  • Blazing Heart of Shal'baas (neck) - Dropped from the Pit of Torment on Hell II+ difficulty.
  • Static Fangs of Shal'baas (Ring #1) - Looted from Temple of Namari on Hell IV+ difficulty.
  • Coiled Serpent of Shal'baas (Ring #2) - Looted in Cave of Echoes on Hell IV+ difficulty.

The main attributes for pumping

Here is the priority for pumping the characteristics of the Demon Hunter:

  • Strength - gives +0.3 to damage;
  • Fortitude - Adds +0.1 to armor penetration and increases the chance of critical damage. Also adds +0.1 to defense, which increases the chance of blocking;
  • Vitality - gives +3 HP;
  • Willpower - adds +0.1 power and +0.1 resistance;
  • Intelligence - gives +1 combat rating (CR).

Legendary Gems

  • Fervor's Fang - Obtained from Battle Pass missions. With each attack on one target, the damage will increase; ideal for solo PvP and against bosses;
  • Torment of Eternity - if you deal critical damage, then hangs a debuff on the enemy, causing him 10% of the base damage over 6 seconds;
  • Strength and power - increases the main attack by 8%, and then the damage from other skills, also by 8%. The effect is switched every 9 seconds;
  • Vitality of Ka'arsen - increases attack speed and damage from basic attacks;
  • Lightning Core - Every 20 seconds, while constantly attacking, releases a bolt of lightning at a crowd of enemies. It deals 90% base damage plus an additional 1,134 damage;
  • Eye of the Berserker - If you learn how to avoid incoming damage, then this is the perfect gem. It increases outgoing damage by 5.50%, but increases incoming damage by 5%.

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