Hogwarts Legacy, breeding: how to give birth to all kinds of animals


Hogwarts Legacy, breeding: how to give birth to all kinds of animals

Hogwarts Legacy has a big and interesting minigame: animal breeding. Not only can you rescue all kinds of magical animals and bring them to your Vivario, but you can also breed them to ensure the survival of the species – or to sell them for cash if you really care.

There is even a Trophy available for those who hatch all kinds of animals, "Animal Lover", which will be mandatory for Trophy hunters out there. If you want to unlock this Achievement, you will need the information you can find in this guide, so read on to find out everything you need.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Hogwarts Legacy guide for everything you might need to know about the game, including puzzle solutions, where to find items, and more.


All magical animals that you can capture and place in your Vivarium can breed in Hogwarts Legacy – with the exception of the Phoenix, of which you will only find one in the entire game. You won't be able to breed Phoenixes, but all other creatures can.


These are the animals that can be bred and reproduced in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Diricawl
  • Puffskein
  • Thestrals
  • Kneazle
  • Mooncalf
  • niffler
  • Jobberknoll
  • Fwooper
  • Giant purple toad
  • hippogriff
  • Unicorn
  • Graphorn


Once you've captured an animal in the wild around Hogwarts, you can release it into one of the four Vivariums you'll have access to in the Room of Requirement. While in a Vivarium, press R1/RB on your controller to access the pet menu. From there you can add up to four different species to your Vivarium, for a total of 12 animals in each one. Perfect for four breeding pairs in each, with room for one newborn of each species.


Once the animals are in the Vivarium, you will need to make sure you have both a male and a female of the same species to start breeding. After that, you'll need a Reproducing Pen - you should have one in each of your Vivari. As soon as you have a pair of animals in your Vivarium, you can select the male and female you want and breed them. The process will take 30 minutes of gameplay and will result in a creature that will be added to your Vivarium.

Once you know how to breed, all you have to do is do it. Check out the pet list above and check off the items as you successfully breed a new species in your Vivarium. Again, the only species you won't be able to raise in a Vivarium is the Phoenix, after which you can raise them all. For more information on where to find all animals, check out our guide. Breeding is also useful because it has a good chance of giving you a shiny animal, which is highlighted by a star symbol on its name.


When you've filled your Vivarium and your Catch It Bag with all kinds of animals, you'll need to start making room. The best way to do this is to go to the Fairgrounds, a pet shop in Hogsmeade who will buy and look after your pets. Unfortunately, shiny pets will not be priced higher than the regular ones.

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