How to disable endless enemy spawn and camera repair in Atomic Heart open world


How to disable endless enemy spawn and camera repair in Atomic Heart open world

The open world of Atomic Heart is pretty deserted in terms of content but filled with cameras and deadly robots. Clearing the map for safe movement is absolutely pointless since flying drones will always restore the equipment destroyed by the player. In this guide, we will teach you how to disable robots and annoying cameras in large locations.

The gameplay of Atomic Heart changes significantly after completing the Vavilov complex. A small open world will become available to you. Other than how to get to the training grounds and collect enough loot to upgrade weapons, there is nothing to do there. But bad luck - the entire territory of the scientific complex is teeming with evil robots. Killing a piece of iron is useless, as the flying drones "Bees" constantly reanimate them, making the process of clearing the map pointless.

Without enough loot, you won't be able to upgrade your weapons, and without exploring the polygons, you won't get a valuable upgrade. But because of the ubiquitous robots, you will not be able to safely explore the locations. On top of that, cameras poked throughout the scientific complex closely monitor the movement of the main character and, in case of alarm, call even more opponents to the location with the player.

Fortunately, the game has a way to turn off all life in the area around a certain polygon. The developers do not directly talk about this possibility, so most players have difficulty exploring the open world.

How to turn off cameras and repair robots

First, you need to complete the first task in a small open location. You will receive a purple beam from the surveillance cameras, the end point of which is just at the top of the tower. you need to climb the Volan tower. For an easier search, use the scanner.

Stand on the round platform at the base of the tower to climb up. Upstairs, Baba Zina will contact you and offer to meet. Follow the marker to her. Next, Granny will give the hero a small device with which he can hack towers and connect to nearby cameras. We go back and try new mechanics. On the F key (PC version) you can interact with closed relay locks. Remember this feature, as it will come in handy in the open world.

After a short train ride, the main Atomic Heart location will be available to you. Upon arrival at Solnechnaya station, you will meet Academician Sechenov's right hand. He will give the protagonist a special device, with which you can control the "Vulture" module.

Open the map. It has white location circles within which you can turn off the robots. The blue small circle is "Shuttlecock". Go to him. We connect to the cameras and look for the white round terminal of the Vulture. There is a relay lock on its door, which can be opened remotely through the cameras of the Volan module.

We go down and go to the terminal. We go inside and activate the device. Here you are given two options to choose from: lower the "Vulture" or turn off all robots . The first will allow you to get into the closed sections along the cable, and the second, in fact, will save you from annoying pieces of iron and cameras.

By the way, the shutdown is not infinite. After some time, the "Vulture" will work again, and the robots will come to life again. A dedicated safe window will be enough for you to loot all the premises and visit the landfill.

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