How to throw items and robots in Atomic Heart


How to throw items and robots in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart repeats the first Bioshock in many ways. For example, here, as in the project of Ken Levine (Ken Levine), you can pick up objects and throw them at opponents. Also, with their help, the hero will need to distract surveillance cameras in the open world. But the mechanics of telekinesis is not very logical. Our guide will help you figure it out.

At the very beginning of the game, a short tutorial awaits you, where all the features of the Atomic Heart gameplay will be described. However, it is easy to miss. In addition, over time, you can forget what you were told a few hours ago. And if the mechanics of shooting or the use of special abilities do not require additional explanations, then using telekinesis takes some getting used to.

How to throw items in Atomic Heart

Point the camera at the item you want to pick up and hold F (on PC), R1 (on DualSense), or RB (on Xbox controller). It is important to hold it down and wait for the pull animation to play. If you press the button twice in a row while playing on PS5 or Xbox Series X, the scanner will be activated.

Once the subject is telekinesised, stop holding the F button ( R1 or RB, depending on the platform). Pressing again will lower it to the ground. If you want to throw an object forward, hold down the F button ( R1 or RB ) again, aim at the point where it should fly, and release the key. If an enemy is in the area of ​​effect of the throw, he will take damage.

As you explore the open world of Atomic Heart, you will sometimes find explosive gas canisters. They can also be thrown at enemies and then exploded with any firearm shots.

How to use mass telekinesis in Atomic Heart

You can purchase mass telekinesis, among other abilities, from Eleanor's refrigerator robot. The ability is very effective in combat against groups of enemies because it allows you to tear off a group of robots from the ground at once and make them helpless in front of your attacks. And an upgrade to mass telekinesis called Accelerated Falling will allow them to deal additional damage. And be sure to get an upgrade called “Power Boost” to be able to lift heavy opponents into the air.

How to use mass telekinesis in Atomic Heart

Mass telekinesis is a skill that you can assign to one of the available buttons to use. The choice is made in the same menu where you acquire new abilities and improve them.

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