Sons of the Forest beginner's guide - how to use inventory, where to find food, water, first aid kits, printer and other tips


Sons of the Forest beginner's guide - how to use inventory, where to find food, water, first aid kits, printer and other tips

Sons of the Forest is an open-world survival game from the creators of the legendary The Forest. The game has a co-op, so going through the story with friends will be much more interesting. Today we will tell you how to use your inventory, where to find food, how to build a shelter, how to restore health, where to find a 3D printer and other useful tips for beginners.

How to use inventory

Inventory in Sons of the Forest differs significantly from backpacks in other similar projects. Instead of a certain number of cells, you have the ability to place many different items and resources in the inventory of the main character. Of course, for each type of thing, there is a limit.

How to use inventory

To save time selecting the desired item from the inventory, use a backpack. To do this, move it to the central part of the table and equip the necessary weapons and consumables.

Now, while exploring the open world, it is enough to hold down the inventory key (by default, the "I" button ) and select a weapon, first-aid kit, or any other item. This mechanic replaces the "circular menu" familiar to players. At first, it may be unusual, but after a while, you will definitely get used to it.

How to use inventory

How to study recipes

When you find ingredients and things, new recipes will be automatically added to your inventory. They can be tracked by hovering over the gear in the right corner of the table.

But even in the absence of the necessary items, you can inspect the blueprints that have not yet been opened. To do this, just place any resource on a makeshift workbench and hover over the gear icon. This will list all recipes that can be crafted with that ingredient or item.

How to build a shelter and save progress

To save progress, you will need to build any shelter or bed. 

How to use Kelvin

Kelvin is the permanent companion of the protagonist. Even while playing in co-op, it will be very useful. Of course, it will not replace your real comrade, as it obeys strictly defined algorithms.

In addition, it is impossible to kill Kelvin - after the attack of enemies, the guy will only be stunned for a while. You can help him get up, and if you are not around, after a while he will get up on his own and continue to follow the order.

How to use Kelvin

Use notepad to issue primitive commands to it:

  • Take;
  • Hack;
  • Gather;
  • Build;
  • Follow;
  • Stand;
  • Rest.

For example, before the next outing, order Kelvin to chop wood and put it in a certain place. Upon arrival at the shelter, you will find a large number of logs suitable for construction in this place.

Your companion also has a number of disadvantages. Firstly, he cannot stand up for himself and is also very afraid of the local natives. Any, even the most harmless enemy will become a real horror for him. Having noticed the enemy, Kelvin will stop working and rush to his heels.

Secondly, Kelvin is very slow. If you entrust him with anything, then only insignificant. For example, light a fire or finish a building in your absence.

Thirdly, satellite algorithms fail badly from time to time. He can destroy your building (especially if it's a tree house) if you order him to chop wood. Set fire to the building if you order a fire, and so on.

How to quickly find food and water

First of all, inspect the crash site of the helicopter and the nearest caves. Here you will find some supplies that will help you survive a few more days.

Create a primitive spear. This is the simplest weapon in the game, with which you can quickly get food. Kill small animals - squirrels and rabbits. Read more about how to craft or find all weapons in Sons of the Forest in this guide.

Getting water at first is even easier. It is enough to get to any freshwater body (river or lake), remove the weapon from your hands and hold down the action button, pointing the screen at the water. Please note: you can’t drink with a spear in your hands!

As you progress through the story, be sure to find a 3D printer. With it, you can print one or more flasks. Return to the reservoir and fill the flasks to have a constant supply of fresh water on hand. Read more about the location of the printer below.

How to quickly find food and water

It will be useful to collect berries and herbs. For example, yarrow replenishes not only the supply of food but also quenches thirst.

Note: If there is no food left at all, no one will condemn cannibalism in this game. But first, the found meat is better to fry on a fire.

How to restore health

Vitality in Sons of the Forest is restored in several ways:

  1. Resting at optimal vitals of the hero restores the health bar.
  2. Some Food - Use some food, such as chocolate bars, to restore a small amount of health.
  3. Pills - completely restore the protagonist's vitality bar.
  4. Healing kit - a mixture of herbs "Yarrow" and "Aloe Vera", restoring about a quarter of the health of the main character.
  5. Healing Pack Plus - Combine Horsetail, Ivan Chai, and Aloe Vera to restore about half of your stamina.

Why do you need a strength indicator

In the lower right corner of the screen are indicators of the status of the protagonist. Here you can track thirst, hunger, and fatigue. But in addition to them, you will also notice the biceps icon - an indicator of the strength of the hero.

This stat increases each time you use physical strength. For example, cut wood, hunt animals or fight natives or monsters. The more filled the strength bar, the higher you deal damage to enemies using any melee weapon. After rest, this indicator will again decrease to the minimum value.

Do I need to fight the natives

At first, we recommend avoiding direct confrontations with cannibals. Even if you have a weapon, such as a spear or a homemade bow, you will spend a lot of time and effort to deal with a large group of enemies.

Of course, valuable resources can be found in the Aboriginal camps, but it is not necessary to engage in battle with them - inspect the tents for useful items and try to hide as quickly as possible.

At first, there are few enemies, but with each secret found on the island, there will be more and more of them. During the change of seasons, you will feel the difference: the natives will stop hiding in their camps and start a real hunt for your hero.

According to the story, you will visit several bunkers where you can find 3D printers. Use them to print the mask in red. This item can be used as a disguise. Put on a mask over your face if the cannibals get close enough, and hide from them until the enemies realize the deception.

You can also kill one of the enemies, dismember and take his head. At the next meeting with the cannibals, take the head in your hand and show it to the tribesmen of the slain. Most likely they will get scared and run away. This method will not work on large red natives and enemies in golden masks.

Which enemies are worth spending ammo on?

In addition to the usual natives, in the dungeons you will meet quite strong monsters. Moreover, closer to winter, these same monsters will begin to get to the surface, and the number and power of cannibals will increase significantly.

We recommend not wasting firearms ammo on common natives and stockpile ammo, grenades, and explosives on strong enemies. It will also be useful to stock up on provisions in your camp. It will come in handy to get through the winter.

Follow the music

There are caches scattered all over the island. In such places, you will find provisions, ammunition, and other valuable resources. Usually, their location is signaled by music. If you hear quiet sounds, run towards the source.

Follow the music

Follow the music

Where to find a 3D printer and what items can be created

As you explore the open world, you will stumble upon various places of interest. They are marked on the map with green markers. One of them marks a cave in which you can find a 3D printer.

Where to find a 3D printer and what items can be created

Where to find a 3D printer and what items can be created

From the helicopter crash site, go to the purple beacon point, which is located in the boat near the shore. Along the way, you will stumble upon the right cave. Get down and check it out.

Where to find a 3D printer and what items can be created

In addition to various resources, inside you will find a 3D printer with which you can create useful items. Here is the complete list:

  • Arrows (50 resin) - can be used for a homemade bow;
  • Flask (100 resin) - craft an item to have a constant supply of fresh water;
  • Technocloth (250 resin) - used to create techno armor;
  • Hook (100 Resin) - Combine with Rope to create a Rope.
  • Mask (150 Resin) - Use this camouflage item to avoid direct confrontations with cannibals;
  • Sleigh (1000 resin).
To create items, the printer uses special ink (resin), a small supply of which can be found in the same room. Also, look around other points of interest to find a valuable resource.

Where to find a 3D printer and what items can be created

Note: This is not the only place where you can find a 3D printer. As you progress through the story, you will also find a similar device in one of the locked bunkers underground.

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