Warframe: How to get the Lavos - Game Guide

 Warframe now offers many innovations, including the alchemist Lavos. We'll show you how to get it through farming.

Warframe: How to get the Lavos - Game Guide

Warframe is a free to play action role-playing game specially created for a cooperative gaming experience. Apparently with success, because in 2019 the title shone with almost 50 million registered players. You can play Warframe on different platforms: PC, Playstation 4/5, Xbox One/Series and the Nintendo Switch. This makes this online action game accessible to all types of players. We tell you how you get the strong Warframe Lavos.

What can the Warframe Lavos do?

The scientist Lavos uses his knowledge of alchemy in battle. The Warframe can use different elements or combine them to create effects such as radiation. This allows him to change the circumstances of the fight to your advantage.

How do you get the Warframe Lavos?

You should talk to Father in the Necralisk to start the Orphix Veno mission. This way you can get all the parts for the Warframe Lavos, but only with the help of a Necramech. Necramechs are large combat robots that possess tremendous firepower and are ideal for dealing with large waves of enemies. Don't panic if you don't already own a Necramech. In the course of the missions, you will get the necessary equipment to collect the right components for Lavos.

You need the following items for the Warframe Lavos:

  • Lavo's blueprint - 1500 phasic cells
  • Lavo's chassis blueprint - 1000 phasic cells
  • Lavos Neuroptics Blueprint - 1000 phasic cells
  • Lavos Systems Blueprint - 1000 phasic cells

What alternative games are there to Warframe?

  • Warframe is not enough for you and you want to try new co-op games? Destiny 2 could be something for you. This online game was developed by Bungie, which has already made a big name for itself with Halo.
  • You always wanted to know what it feels like to rob a bank together? Then Payday 2 could be a good choice for you. From classic robberies to the theft of nuclear warheads, everything is included.
  • If the comic book style doesn't put you off, Borderlands 3 is worth a look. This co-op shooter contains a lot of variety and humor.

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