Where to get Mandrake and Poison Tentacula in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to get Mandrake and Poison Tentacula in Hogwarts Legacy

 We continue to talk about the most unusual tasks in the game: how to find mandrake plants and poisonous tentacula for Professor Chesnoke

When trying to complete the side quest "Professor Chesnoke's Quest 1" to unlock the Wingardium Leviosa spell in Hogwarts Legacy, there's a good chance that you'll probably run into trouble finding the two requested plants - the poisonous tentacula and the mandrake.

Fortunately, despite the fact that there are no specific markers on the world map, finding the Timophylls and Toadstools store is quite simple. Let's figure out how to collect both plants and use them in combat to complete Professor Chesnoke's tasks.

How to find Timophylls and Toadstools store

So, in order to get a mandrake and a poisonous tentacula, you need to visit the Timophylls and Toadstools store, which is located on the northern outskirts of Hogsmeade, right across the river from Madam Snelling's shop. The Timophylls and Toadstools store is marked on the map with a mushroom icon.

How to get Mandrake and Poison Tentacula

Once you get to Timophylls and Toadstools, go inside and talk to Madame Beatrice Green to take a look at her range of merchandise. You can buy the following seeds and tools from her:

  • Chinese Chewing Cabbage Seeds - 600 gold coins
  • Mandrake seeds - 800 gold coins
  • Poison Tentacula Seeds - 1050 gold coins
  • Fertilizer (2) - 300 gold coins
  • Chinese Chewing Cabbage (2) - 300 gold coins
  • Mandragora (2) - 500 gold coins
  • Poison Tentacula (2) - 600 gold coins
Thus, you can buy already grown Mandrake and Poison Tentacula, or purchase seeds and grow both plants.

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