The Diablo 4 beta is plagued by a few bugs, especially 34203 and 31679 causing trouble. We have looked around and list information about known errors and whether there are any possible solutions.


For which error codes is there information? In our research into common error codes in the Diablo 4 beta, five codes stand out:

  • Error code: 34203
  • Error code: 316719
  • Error code: 30008
  • out of memory
  • Other known bugs
  • Developer Tips Server Issues

Diablo 4: Error 34203

This is a network error, the servers are either unavailable or overloaded. The error is particularly annoying because it mostly occurs after going through the queue.

The solution to the problem is usually not in your hands. However, you can use a few tools to check how big the rush is at the moment and thus estimate whether there are currently many server problems and whether it is worth queuing at all:

Diablo 4: Error 316719

According to reports, this error is also related to problems with the server. So there's little you can do other than wait or try to improve your connection to the server.

You can do this:

Sometimes just restarting the game is enough. With the error, you probably can't avoid experiencing the queue again.

Diablo 4: Error 30008

This error can reportedly be pinpointed. It's supposed to be a conflict with your DNS server, so something with your internet connection.

The recommendation for error 30008: Run the "flushdns" command. Here developer Blizzard explains how it works on PC and Mac as well as the different operating systems:

Diablo 4: Out of Memory or Memory Leak Error

There are reports of a memory leak bug. The utilization of your RAM keeps building up until Diablo 4 crashes.

The bug appears to only affect PC gamers who have downloaded the High-Res Texture Pack. It is recommended to set the "Texture Quality" in the graphics settings to "Medium" to work around the error.

Other known bugs

Developer Blizzard has already published a list of known bugs in the beta ( via Blizzard Forums ):

  • Display issues during the Lorath introductory sequence when the game is bright
  • Voice chat may not work correctly for all players
  • They are working on performance issues - especially for older systems
  • The "Play" option in the character select menu is still a placeholder
  • Queues can be inaccurate - be sure to wait in line, restarting will always put you at the end of the queue
  • Localization is still limited in the beta, but there will be more options for the language settings on the release

Tips from the developer for server problems

However, developer Blizzard gives a few tips for connection problems. In certain cases, the connection can be affected if certain settings/programs affect it:

  • Close all other applications on your PC
  • Reboot your router
  • Set to LAN instead of W-LAN
  • Temporarily disable your anti-virus programs
  • Renew your IP / Clean up DNS storage
  • Disabled proxy server
  • Download the latest drivers for your devices
In addition, you should regularly visit the Twitter account from customer support if there is new information about problems: via twitter.com.

Do you also have problems with certain error codes, write it in the comments. If you would like specific guides, you can also let us know.

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