A small side quest in the Diablo 4 beta requires a special action from you. You can find out here how you complete “Lifting the Mood”.


How to complete the side quest? You can get the quest in the city of Kyovashad and when you open your map you will see a small, circular objective area for the quest in the top right of the city right next to the "World Level Statue".

You're supposed to cheer up a few soldiers standing by the training squads there. Use the cheer emote to do this:

  • PC: Opens the emote menu with "E"
  • Consoles: Opens the emote menu with "Up D-Pad"
    • Then go to the "LEFT" menu and select "Cheer"
The soldiers feel better, and your courage and strength flow through the city's fighters. With that, you have completed the side quest and could collect your rewards - a little gold, and a few experience points.

The beta of Diablo 4 allows many players for the first time a close look at the upcoming action RPG, which celebrates its release on June 6th. Your progress in the beta will not be transferred, you start a completely new game for the release.

However, you can get yourself a damn cute gift during the beta if you make it to level 20: Whoever participates in the Diablo 4 Open Beta will receive an incredibly cute gift.

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