You don't have to buy or subscribe to every MMORPG. There are numerous titles that you can play for free. We introduce you to the 15 best Free2Play MMORPGs.


The games listed are MMORPGs with different settings. All of them are playable on PC, and some also on consoles and mobile.

The base game is always free, expansions or optional content may be subject to a charge.

In addition, the list is not in any particular order and says nothing about the rating of the respective game.

The Lord of the Rings Online

Developer: Standing Stone Games | Setting:  Fantasy, Middle-earth | Release Date: April 24, 2007, |  Platform: PC, Steam


  • Huge Tolkien-style game world
  • Great atmosphere


  • Combat system can quickly become monotonous
  • Graphics are a bit weak

What kind of game is this? The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) or The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) is an MMORPG that brings you to Middle-earth. In addition to the well-known story from Lord of the Rings, the game also tells its own stories.

You choose your character from 4 races and 9 classes, with which you then explore the huge game world. There you will encounter monsters that are becoming stronger and stronger and are under the power of Sauron.

It is considered one of the most atmospheric MMORPGs of its generation and has been further developed with updates and patches for many years. The team behind Lord of the Rings Online has been independent since the end of 2016 and has promised to maintain the MMORPG for a long time to come.

Albion Online

Developer: Sandbox Interactive GmbH | Setting: Fantasy | Release Date: July 17, 2017, |  Platform: PC, mobile


  • Lots of freedom
  • Character customization to suit your playstyle
  • Crafting fans can let off steam


  • Partly long grind
  • In PvP, you can lose your items

What kind of game is this? Albion Online puts its focus on PvP while offering a lot of freedom to its players. You explore a medieval fantasy world filled with massive open-world battles. PvP fans can join a guild here and conquer areas and cities together with others.

The combat system in Albion is classless. The gear you equip determines your abilities, so you can always change your playstyle.

In addition to PvP, there is some PvE content. You defeat bosses, traverse dungeons, and complete solo or group expeditions. Crafting and housing also play an important role in the MMORPG.

Lost Ark

Developer : Smilegate | Setting:  Fantasy | Release Date : February 11, 2022 |  Platform: PC


  • Lots of events
  • Exploration on land and at sea
  • Exciting fights


  • Eternal grind
  • Very complex boss mechanics, for which you have to watch videos first

What kind of game is this? Lost Ark is an action MMORPG that started almost a year ago. You choose your character from 24 classes and then explore the world of Arkesia in the ISO perspective.

First, you dive into the story, which offers many dialogues and cutscenes. The story is about finding an ark on different continents and bringing it to Trixion, where the NPC Beatrice receives it.

At level 50 you reach the endgame of Lost Ark  - now the actual game begins. Every day you complete dungeons and raids to farm and improve your equipment. With a higher item level, you unlock more content, which ultimately continues the story. The deeper you delve into the endgame, the more difficult the content becomes.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

Entwickler: SEGA | Setting: Sci-Fi, Fantasy | Release-Datum: 4. Juli 2012 in Japan | Plattform: PC, Mobile, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch


  • Action-packed combat system
  • Playable on all platforms
  • Detailed character design


  • Lots of Pay2Win
  • Too little content, quite rare updates

What kind of game is this? Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis offers you an open game world full of sci-fi and fantasy elements. There are many PvE missions that you can do solo or with your fellow players. In addition, the MMORPG relies on an action-packed combat system - you fly through the area and can constantly change your position in combat.

It was originally released in Japan back in 2012 but didn't make it to the west until 2020, where it appeared on Steam. Recently followed versions for consoles - Crossplay is possible between all platforms.

With "New Genesis" the game received a fundamental remake of the game system and graphics. Since then, it's more of an MMORPG than it was before. It offers the possibility to switch between the old and the new version. So if you download PSO2 New Genesis on Steam, you will automatically get the older version as well. It is one of the most popular anime MMORPGs.

Blade & Soul

Developer : NCSoft | Setting: Fantasy | Release Date : June 30, 2012 |  Platform: PC


  • Exciting combat system
  • All classes damage-focused
  • Regular updates


  • Constant grind
  • Pay2Win
What kind of game is this? Blade & Soul is a classic theme park MMORPG by NCSoft that came to the west in 2016. It first leads you through different areas within the story. After reaching the maximum level, dungeons, raids, and daily and weekly quests await you. You're also grinding for better gear.

The combat system relies on an interesting martial arts system that promises a lot of action. Use your skills and various combos to keep things exciting. The 12 classes play very differently, but there is no classic Holy Trinity (tank, healer, DD).

PvP fans will also enjoy the MMORPG: You can compete against your fellow players in various battlefields and 1v1 or team arenas with ranking lists.

Tower of Fantasy

Developer: Hotta Studio | Setting: Anime, Sci-Fi | Release Date: August 11, 2022, |  Platform: PC, mobile


  • Pretty graphics
  • Exploration of the world with many crates and mini-quests
  • Cool mounts


  • Pay2Win
  • Some bugs

What kind of game is this? Tower of Fantasy is an action MMORPG with colorful anime graphics. It's reminiscent of Genshin Impact at first.

The MMORPG offers you daily quests, an exciting main story, and stunning graphics. In addition, you are on different mounts, climb, fly, or swim.

In PvE you encounter world bosses and other monsters, you can explore the world and collect cores, which you use to draw characters. PvP is also possible.

Similar to Genshin Impact, with so-called "special orders" you have the opportunity to draw different characters. From these, you then build a team for the fight.

Guild Wars 2

Developer : ArenaNet | Setting: Fantasy  | Release Date : August 26, 2012 |  Platform: PC


  • Dynamic events instead of typical quests
  • Action-packed combat system despite tab targeting
  • Mass battles in world-versus-world


  • Confusing start
  • So far only irregular updates
  • Some players miss the hunt for new equipment in the endgame
What kind of game is this? Guild Wars 2  is an MMORPG in constant development since 2012. It is primarily aimed at "casual players" who would like to explore the world and experience a story as a hero. What is relaxed about it is the level that remains the same - since the release you have only reached level 80. Once earned, items are useful for a long time.

You discover the huge game world while events keep popping up along the way that you complete instead of quests. In addition, hidden achievements and tricky jumping puzzles loosen up the level phase again.

The combat system of the MMORPG relies on a mixture of tab targeting and action combat. You choose your target yourself, but you have to place AoE attacks yourself and can dodge enemy attacks.

There is PvE content such as dungeons and raids, but PvP fans will also get their money's worth. You can compete against each other in arenas or take part in world vs. world.

The core game of Guild Wars 2 is free, you have to buy the expansions.

Star Trek Online

Developer: Cryptic Studios | Setting: Sci-Fi | Release-Datum: 02. February 2010 | Plattform: Playstation, Xbox, PC


  • Regular updates
  • Playable solo
  • Your own spaceship


  • PvP isn't the best
  • Long grind without using real money
What kind of game is this? Star Trek Online is based on the saga of the same name and is aimed at its fans. You control your own spaceship, which you can customize yourself. As the captain, you command a crew that supports you in space battles.

You also beam yourself to the surface of space bases or planets. At this point, it is more reminiscent of a classic MMORPG. You explore locations, defeat enemies, and complete quests.

You are traveling solo or join forces with other players as a fleet. It is suitable for single players, but also offers group content.

Star Trek Online is constantly receiving updates and the developers will continue to keep it current in 2023. After all, the MMORPG is structured like a Star Trek series that just keeps going.


Developer: : Cryptic Studios | Setting: Fantasy, D&D | Release-Datum: 30. April 2013 | Plattform: Playstation, Xbox, PC


  • Action-packed combat system
  • Great for D&D fans
  • A lot of story


  • Outdated graphics
  • No crossplay between PC and consoles

What kind of game is this? Neverwinter is an MMORPG set in the world of the famous Dungeons & Dragons. You create a character and follow a fixed story with him. You don't level with experience points, but by completing story missions. The game world is divided into numerous instanced areas and dungeons.

The MMORPG convinces with a great wealth of content that has built up over the years since the release. Especially fans of Dungeons & Dragons get their money's worth here.

When it comes to combat, Neverwinter is based on the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons - but battles in the MMORPG are much faster and more action-packed. You must self-target your enemies to attack them and use their abilities. You also have to actively avoid them.

The PC and console versions aren't up to par. Consoles are about a version behind PC since that's where Neverwinter first appeared.


Developer: Jagex | Setting:  Fantasy | Release Date: July 22, 2013, |  Platform: PC, mobile


  • Lots of freedom
  • Regular updates for over 20 years
  • An old school classic


  • Some content is subscription-based, such as some skills
  • Long grind

What kind of game is this? RuneScape is one of the oldest MMORPGs still active and was first released in early 2001. You can play the old version of the MMORPG today as “Old School RuneScape”.

You experience many adventures in a fantasy world and fathom the ancient legends and sagas while gods forge dark plans.

In RuneScape, you can traverse dungeons, face off against bosses, and salvage treasure. PvP is also possible. Alternatively, you can craft or build your own farm and live there. The MMORPG gives you a lot of freedom.

It offers a classic MMORPG experience without being based on modern representatives of the genre. There is no solo content or a particularly compelling story. Exploration and group content are clearly in the foreground.

Final Fantasy XIV

Developer: Square Enix | Setting: Fantasy | Release Date: September 30, 2010, |  Platform: PlayStation, PC


  • Intoxicating story
  • You can level and play all jobs
  • Deep crafting system


  • Combat system initially sluggish
  • Lots of content until you get to the endgame

What kind of game is this? Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs worldwide. Due to regular expansions, the game offers a lot of content, which focuses particularly on the gripping and emotional story.

By equipping different weapons, you can play any class you have unlocked. Then level them up. There are also crafting and gathering professions.

In the endgame of Final Fantasy XIV, you can expect dungeons and raids that get more and more tricky over time. The combat system also becomes more interesting with additional skills, while it initially seems rather dull.

You can play Heavensward and Level 60 for free until the first expansion. You have to buy the following content and also take out a monthly subscription.


Developer: Gamigo | Setting: Fantasy Block World | Release Date: June 09, 2015, |  Platform: Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC


  • Funny colorful game world
  • creativity
  • Minecraft as an MMORPG


  • Lots of grind
  • Not a great story
  • Few construction options

What kind of game is this?  Trove is a voxel-world MMORPG that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's a mix of dungeon crawler, MMORPG, and Minecraft - but none of them are really good at it.

The MMORPG offers a wide variety of classes, including the boomeranger, pirate captain, and candy barbarian. You can then equip these characters and learn new skills with them. Dragons, hoverboards, wings, and ships add variety to everyday gaming.

You explore an open world in which you can build in some places like in Minecraft. Crafting is also possible.

In the Trove endgame, there are dungeons that you can complete together with other players.

The developers provide the MMORPG with regular updates, albeit not as frequently as a few years ago.

EVE Online

Developer: CCP Games | Setting: Sci-Fi | Release Date: May 6, 2003 |  Platform: PC


  • Lots of freedom
  • Your own spaceship
  • Active for 20 years


  • Very old graphics
  • tables in space

What kind of game is this? The space MMORPG  EVE Online has been around since 2003 and has held up ever since. This is a sandbox game in space that gives its players a lot of freedom.

One of the biggest features of the game are the ships that players can build and customize or buy themselves. With different categories, you can decide whether you want to control a nimble little fighter, a big freighter, or even a huge battleship.

Ideally, you're part of a guild, otherwise, it's easy to get stuck in EVE Online. The whole game, including politics and economy, are controlled by players. 

People jokingly refer to it as “tables in space”, which the developers have now made true. Ingame data can now be transferred directly to Excel.


Developer : XL Games | Setting: Fantasy | Release Date : January 15, 2013 |  Platform: PC


  • Lots of freedom
  • Great housing
  • Exciting PvP in the open world, including at sea


  • Pay2Win
  • Some bugs that are not fixed fast enough

What kind of game is this? ArcheAge is a sandbox MMORPG with lots of freedom and plenty of character development opportunities. You can choose three out of  13 different specializations and create your own build from hundreds of possible classes.

The focus of the game is primarily on the player-driven economy,  housing, and combat in the open world. The battles can even be fought on the high seas with your own ships.

Due to some problems like bugs, Pay2Win, and hacking, many ArcheAge fans are pinning their hopes on ArcheAge 2. The developers have already announced the sequel.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Developer: Electronic Arts | Setting: Sci-Fi | Release Date: December 20, 2011 |  Platform: PC


  • Star Wars setting
  • Fun PvP content like Huttball
  • Housing: A fortress of your own


  • Lots of content for single player
  • Races can only be used with a premium account

What kind of game is this? Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is an MMORPG in the world-famous Star Wars setting. It focuses on the fully voiced story and encourages moral choices that draw you to either the light or the dark side of the force.

You choose from 8 classes, 4 of which belong to the Republic and 4 to the Empire. There are also different races, but they are subject to a fee.

Although the game relies on classic tab targeting, it tries to implement this in a more modern and dynamic way. In addition to the story, the MMORPG can also convince with a good companion system, exciting raids in the endgame, and PvP content.

What do you think of the list? Which of the Free2Play MMORPGs have you already tested yourself? Write it to us in the comments here!

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