Horizon Call of the Mountain: Playing time and scope of the main story - Game Guide

 Do you want to hunt for machines in a realistic way or wander through the landscape side by side with Aloy? Now you can in Horizon VR Call of the Mountain. There you will experience your own little adventure. How long this lasts, we show you here.

Horizon Call of the Mountain: Playing time and scope of the main story - Game Guide

Game time in Horizon VR Call of the Mountain

In Horizon Call of the Mountain, you can take part in the life of the machines and enjoy the scenery like never before. A total of twelve missions lead you through the main story. There is no adjustable level of difficulty, but you can set various optional aids in the main menu, which will make playing easier for you.

To play through the VR version of Horizon you need between 7 to 9 hours. Depending on how quickly you get used to the controls and don't lose yourself admiring the landscape. In order to get all the trophies and awards, you need around 12 to 13 hours for 100 percent completion.

Conveniently, the trophies are kept relatively simple and you unlock many of them directly in the course of the game. Since there are no missed opportunities, you can catch up on the remaining tasks via chapter selection after the game has ended.

Collectibles, weapons, and co

Unfortunately, there is no open world in Horizon. As previously mentioned, the only way to return to the story is via mission select. However, you have to do this for the 100 percent because you have to choose between different paths several times in the game.

Once a path is chosen, it can only be re-chosen in mission replay. Within the missions themselves, there are items you automatically find throughout the main story, such as weapons and tools, and optional items, such as collectibles. These are scattered throughout the game. Among other things, 111 warning signals are waiting to be found and shot down.

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