How to increase FPS in games by disabling just one feature on Steam

 Each game has its own requirements for frame rate, but if you simplify, 60 frames per second is good for any genre. As it was recently revealed, the Steam overlay was eating up a lot of power, giving in return features that most players do not use. Is it so? And how many extra frames can you get if you turn off the Steam overlay? Let's find out in this guide.

What is the Steam Overlay

Overlay is a part of the platform that opens on top of the game purchased and launched on Steam. With the keyboard shortcut "SHIFT" and "TAB" you can quickly access the list of friends, chat, achievements, in-game purchases, and the built-in browser. All this is done during the game, so you will not miss anything important and, if necessary, will immediately return to the game.


If you complete games at 100%, then the section in the center of the screen will help you check what the next achievement awaits you, as well as show general statistics when you click the " All Achievements" button.


The section where all your friends are. Here you can see who is online, and what they are playing, or invite a friend to a co-op game. This is done in just a couple of clicks, which makes Steam stand out from other platforms.


This section will display three guides for the running game - the most popular or those added to favorites. If you have a question about the game you are playing, you can quickly find the answer. These guides are created by players for players, so everything is accessible and understandable.


The clock and several timers are displayed at the top left:

  • How long have you been playing;
  • How much time have you devoted to the game in the last two weeks;
  • The total number of hours in this game.
The clock gods don't watch
The clock gods don't watch


At the bottom of the screen, there are sections:

  • Screenshots ;
  • Community Center ;
  • Discussions ;
  • Internet browser ;
  • Music ;
  • Settings.

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