Lost Ark: This is how the power pass works - Game Guide

 Lost Ark is an MMORPG that is constantly gaining momentum through regular events. Here you can find out how to get the power pass to make it easier for you to beat your way through the world.

Lost Ark: This is how the power pass works - Game Guide

Games like Lost Ark appeal to many people who want to make their way through an online adventure and can't wait to level up faster than ever. In Lost Ark, there are so-called power passes so that you can progress more easily and save yourself a lot of time. In the following article, you will find out exactly how a power pass works, how you get it, and what it brings you.

What does the power pass bring?

As you can imagine, the primary purpose of a power pass is to make the final game easier for you. They are mainly suitable for experienced players who would like to quickly upgrade one or more characters in order to successfully complete the endgame. This saves you unnecessary leveling for subsequent characters and you don't have to overcome hurdles again that you have already left behind.

How do you get a power pass in Lost Ark?

You can earn some power passes in the game, for example after reaching level 50 and completing the main quest of Nord-Vern. After the quest "Ealyn's Gift" you can use the first power pass. You can also get power passes at events.

You can also purchase the power pass in the shop without any bound requirements. Note that each Power Pass level costs exactly 1,100 King Crystals. If you have already received the first Power Passes, the Punika Pass, which is sometimes the most expensive, will cost you the difference from the previous Power Passes. So if you already own the Rohedel and Vern Passes, 1,100 King Crystals will be deducted each and the Punika Pass will only cost you 3,300 Crystals. So you don't have a disadvantage if you didn't immediately buy the best pass.

This is how you activate a power pass

  1. Choose your region and world.
  2. Opens the character selection screen.
  3. Characters that are eligible for a specific Power Pass will see the message "Power Pass Available".
  4. Click the yellow button next to the selected character to use the power pass on them.

The power pass in Lost Ark: The most important things at a glance

  • There are free power passes, which unfortunately can only be used if you have already completed the story up to the point of the pass with another character.
  • Some events let you easily get a power pass if you meet the conditions for it. So always keep your eyes open.
  • As previously mentioned, a power pass is more useful for experienced players to quickly advance another character.

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