RAZER WOLVERINE V2 PRO REVIEW | Premium pad for PlayStation 5 and PC

 There is no question that Razer delivers excellent controllers. However, the quality from the home of the accessory specialists always has its price. In the case of the new Wolverine V2 Pro for PS5 and PC, it is an impressive 299.99 euros. But that's not the only way the pad is aimed at a special clientele.

No haptic feedback, no adaptive triggers, and no waking up the PS5 from sleep mode - if you absolutely need those extras, the wireless Wolverine isn't for you. Rather, Razer's new input device is aimed at those who value control and precision above all else. Of course, this means ambitious gamers of titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as well as Warzone, Apex Legends, or FIFA 23. The controller offers you some very welcome additional functions.


This is primarily related to the six freely assignable buttons that are distributed over the top and bottom. They can be set up using the free Razer Controller smartphone app. After a brief Bluetooth pairing, you have access to four changeable profiles. In addition to the individual assignment of all additional keys, you can also vary the sensitivity of the two analog sticks in ten levels each.

Mainly a nice gimmick, on the other hand, is the possibility of setting different colors and effects: Then the light strips along the two handles pulsate reddish, for example, or shine in a rich blue tone. This looks nice, but it has a downside: the controller stays lit for a while after the console is turned off. This unnecessary energy consumption contributes to the fact that the battery life is manageable at around 10 hours. The included USB-C cable, which is around three meters long, takes care of charging.

You switch your configurations saved on the Wolverine in-game using a combination of a function button (located in the middle of the front) and a digicross. You can also adjust the volume of your headphones, which can be connected to the controller via a standard 3.5-millimeter jack. There is also a mute button for quick muting.

Tangible qualities

When it comes to haptics and processing quality, the Wolverine is at the absolute top level. At 279 grams, it is noticeable but not heavy in the hands - also thanks to the rubberized grips on the front and back. The two asymmetrically arranged analog sticks are outstanding: They offer the right balance of resistance and ease of movement so that rapid movements and precise aiming are not an issue.

The rubber pads, which are curved inwards by default, please with their a stately diameter of almost two centimeters. Even people with big thumbs enjoy full control here at all times. The exchange for a short convex or a long concave attachment is completely uncomplicated thanks to magnetic holders - simply pull off, attach, and continue playing.

The Digikreuz relies on microswitches that click crisply and, together with an equally lavishly dimensioned contact surface - ensure absolute precision - especially in fighting games and arcade games. Microswitches also ensure precise implementation of all inputs on the buttons. The great impression continues with the shoulder buttons and hair triggers. The latter can be limited in their path using a slider: either classically long or with an immediate attack. In both cases, the index fingers feel good, because the shape and response simply fit. The bumpers do their job just as flawlessly.

Tangible qualities

However, it takes a few minutes to get used to the additional buttons on the Wolverine. Then both the buttons and the levers on the underside can be easily reached. However, we like the ergonomics of the DualSense Edge (our test) better. The Sony pad only offers two levers at the bottom. However, these are wider and therefore easier to reach. While the fingers always lie comfortably here, they have to be pushed a little further toward the middle with the Wolverine.

The two buttons next to the bumpers also take some getting used to but are still welcome. From our point of view, these are also a bit too far inside for frequent use. However, menus and other functions that are not needed all the time are in very good hands here.


A very good controller - with small limitations

No question, the Wolverine V2 Pro is a top-notch controller. The build quality leaves nothing to be desired: If you pick up the pad, you won't want to put it down. The large, rubberized handles ensure a perfect grip, the digit cross, and the microswitches click very satisfactorily and the sticks provide enough contact surface even for large thumbs. Setting it up with the app is also very easy. Razer just knows his craft.

It should only have been a slightly larger battery because around ten hours of playtime is not exactly ample. A sturdy case for storage and transport would also have been nice considering the price. Otherwise, my criticism of the controller is of a very personal nature. The lower levers are a bit too far in for me to be able to reach them comfortably. And those buttons are especially important to me in shooters (most notably Destiny 2: Lightfall right now ) because that's where I put jumping and reloading. Overall, I can handle the position, but using the buttons on the DualSense Edge was a lot easier for me.

So my recommendation is: if you have the opportunity, hold the pad (or the almost identically designed V2 Chroma ) in a shop for a while before you strike. If the Wolverine feels comfortable then you can't go wrong with it.


  • excellent workmanship
  • big sticks
  • simple exchange of the stick attachments
  • first-class microswitches on the Digikreuz and buttons
  • rubberized handles


  • high price
  • Position of the additional keys takes getting used to
  • no haptic feedback
  • no adaptive triggers
  • The battery only lasts about ten hours

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