Sons of the Forest: ALL Cheats, Commands and Console Codes

 This is the complete list of cheats, commands, and administrator codes that you can enter in the Sons of the Forest console to activate all kinds of advantages in your game.

As was the case in the original game, in Sons of the Forest, the sequel to Endnight Games' survival and horror success, players will be able to enable a command console with which to enter a whole series of tricks to have fun with your friends or do interesting things in your game.

Pay attention because in this entry of our guide, we are going to teach you to step by step how to activate the Sons of the Forest command console and what is the complete list of tricks that you can use to modify the game as you like.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently Sons of the Forest does not yet have command input enabled, so it is not yet possible to activate them in games. Hopefully, this feature will be introduced in the game later.

How to activate the command console in Sons of the Forest?

To be able to introduce cheats into your game of Sons of the Forest you first have to activate the command console, which is done as follows:

  • Press the 'Enter' key during your game to open the chat.
  • Once the chat is displayed here you can write the console commands.
  • The chat window is the same for chatting with other players as it is for using the command console.
How to activate the command console in Sons of the Forest?

How to use the cheats and commands?

After enabling the command console in your Sons of the Forest game, we now have to explain how you can enter cheats into it. First of all, the following details should be noted:

  • Only players who are administrators will be able to enter commands in the chat window.
  • To have administrator privileges in your game you must be playing in a multiplayer game that you have created yourself.
  • The chat window is only available in multiplayer games, so games created in "Single Player" mode do not allow input of commands.
That being said, entering commands and using cheats in Sons of the Forest is very easy. With the chat window open, you just have to write the commands and then press 'Enter' so that the command in question is activated immediately.

It doesn't have much of a mystery, really. If this is your first time using commands, we recommend that you first enter the command "/help" to receive a list of all that are available.

Complete list of cheats and console commands

Here below we show you the complete list of console commands and cheats that are available for Sons of the Forest:

  • /help – Lists all available console commands.
  • /save [slot number 1-5] – Manually save the game to the slot number you have designated.
  • /restart – Restarts the entire server and resets all user information, including saves.
  • /shutdown – Shuts down the game server.
  • /ban [steam id] – Bans a Steam user from the server (cannot rejoin).
  • /kick [steam id] – Kicks a Steam user from the server.
  • /treeregrowmode – Regrows 10% of all cut trees while players are asleep.
  • /allowbuildingdestruction – Allows the destruction of built structures.
  • /allowenemiescreative – Allows you to create enemies in creative mode.
  • /openlogs – Show all logs.
  • /closelogs – Closes all logs.

Be careful, it is important to emphasize that at the time we have created this article, Sons of the Forest has not yet implemented the introduction of commands in the game, so you will not be able to activate the cheats that we have shown you on the console. However, the original game had commands and hopefully, this one will end up activating them as well. We recommend you stay tuned for upcoming updates.

Exclusive commands for administrators

The following Sons of the Forest commands are only available to administrators who have special "administrator" rights, that is, to users who have created a specific private server in the game:

  • difficulty [Peaceful/Normal/Hard/HardSurvival] – Sets the difficulty of the game on the server.
  • veganMode [on/off] – Kills all enemies or returns them.
  • vegetarianMode [on/off] – Kills all enemies during the day or returns them.
  • resetHolesMode [on/off] – Removes all holes in structures after the server restarts or returns them.
  • allowCheats [on/off] – Allows all players on the server to use console commands and cheats.
  • saveFolderPath – Determines the directory path of all save slots for the designated server.
  • configfilepath – Determines the directory path of all configuration files for the designated server.
  • targetFpsIdle [FPS] – Sets the frame rate limit on the server while users are offline.
  • targetFpsActive [FPS] – Sets the frame rate limit on the server when users are connected to the server.
  • realisticPlayerDamage [on/off] – Allows you to deal a higher level of damage when using weapons between players (in PvP mode) on the designated server.

big heads trick

big heads trick

One of the most fun cheats available since Sons of the Forest Early Access is the "Big Head" mode which turns all character heads into giant ones as you can see in the image above.

If you want to activate this trick in your game it is very simple, you just have to do this:

  • From the game's main menu, go to "Options".
  • Then enter the "Gameplay" section.
  • Now in the Gameplay section, you will find a "Big Head Mode" section.
  • Change this mode from "Off" to "On" (it will be disabled by default).

From now on all characters will have disproportionate heads that are crazy big for their body.

How to activate special cheats with mods?

Since the early access release of Sons of the Forest, certain third-party programs are already available that allow us to modify the game with special cheats such as infinite life, building without resources, and more... These mods are not official or offered by the development team of the work, so it should be noted that they can block your game or make you lose progress.

Still, if you are interested in enabling cheats in your game, you can for example download the WeMod tool via this link. This program is free (although it also has a premium subscription model) and allows you to alter your game however you prefer by turning certain cheats on and off.

To install and use WeMod cheats follow these steps:

  • Download and install the program on your PC.
  • Open the program and select Sons of the Forest in the games tab to start playing.
  • Configure the cheats you want to use from the program.

All special WeMod cheats

Here we show you the list of all the available cheats that you can activate in Sons of the Forest by using the WeMod mod (the ones available will be expanded as time goes by):

General game cheats:

  • No building requirements (resources will not be used when building)
  • Build wherever you want (the building is available everywhere)
  • Trees felled in one fell swoop
  • To stop time
  • time speed multiplier
  • Game speed (increases or decreases game speed)

Player Cheats:

  • infinite health
  • Infinite resistance
  • infinite hydration
  • infinite fullness
  • infinite temperature
  • Infinite force
  • infinite lung capacity
  • fully rested
  • No fall damage
  • Invisibility (enemies will not see you)
  • damage multiplier
  • Infinite ammo

Physics tricks:

  • infinite jumps
  • Walking speed multiplier
  • Stroke Speed ​​Multiplier
  • Swimming speed multiplier
  • Jump Height Multiplier

Inventory Cheats:

  • You can set the quantity of the last item you hover over

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