Sons of the Forest: How to create doors and windows easily

 We explain step by step how doors and windows are created in Sons of the Forest. If you do not know how to build them or it is not clear to you how, here are all the details.

When building our base in Sons of the Forest, one of the most basic but also most essential constructions are the doors and windows. You will probably want to create them after you have built your main structure, but it may not be entirely clear to you how to do it. You have to be a bit of a handyman for it, but not much, don't worry.

Today, in Briomania, I say... Today, in this entry of our guide, we are going to teach you the simple steps that must be followed to be able to create doors and windows in Sons of the Forest.

How to create doors?

Creating a door for your shelter in Sons of the Forest is a must if you plan to go in and out often, obviously. Basically, there is a way to create doors and its "recipe" can be found in the survival manual.

In the manual, you will see the steps to follow to create doors, although it may not be entirely clear to you how they are made. No problem. It's actually very simple. The first essential requirement to create a door is to stack up to 7 logs in a horizontal orientation.

Let's go in parts so as not to mess up.

  • First, cut tree trunks and then take one in your hands. She points to the ground and places it horizontal.
  • Pick up more logs and stack them on top of the first one you put on the ground.
  • When you have 7 logs horizontal, you will have a wall that should look like this:
How to create doors?

  • Now you have to cut the wall to form the frame where the door will be.
  • To do this, approach the logs with an equipped ax in hand.
  • You will see that some red stripes appear in the center of one of the trunks.
How to create doors?

  • If you left-click you will be able to aim towards the log with the axe, and if you left click again you will cut the center of the log making a hole.
  • You have to cut 5 of the 7 logs that you have placed on the wall in this way.
  • Make sure you don't cut through the top log of the wall or the bottom log.
When you are done with all these steps you should have a wall with the frame cut out where the door will go. It will look like this:

How to create doors?

Now all that remains is to create the door itself. It's even easier. Pick up two logs in your hands and approach the frame hole in the wall. You will see that a pair of white arrows pointing upwards appear that move. How are you here:

How to create doors?

When you see these arrows, left-click your mouse. Your character will split one of the logs in half and place it in the frame of the wall. You will have a half door. Simply aim at the hole that is still open and repeat the operation with the other log you are holding.

This will completely complete the door, and now the logs that you have split in half will be forming the said door in the wall frame.

How to create doors?

Ready, you already have a door in your base. If you walk towards her you will open it with her body. Keep in mind that as of today there is no way to create "padlocks" or locks on the doors, so these do not really protect you from cannibal attacks. Remember to create traps and defensive walls at your base to be more protected.

How to create windows?

Windows in Sons of the Forest are created much like doors, as we've already explained above. Actually, the method is even simpler and faster. Like the doors, you will be able to consult the "recipe" of the windows through the plans that are shown in the survival manual.

  • To create a window you also need to stack 7 logs horizontally, one on top of the other.
  • When doing so you will have a wall (we have already told you how to do that, so to the chopping block).
  • Prepare your wall and when you have it up, approach with the equipped ax in your hands.
  • Aim at the logs with the ax to make the red cutting lines appear.
  • You have to make holes in the wall, but not enough to create a door.
The amount of logs you have to cut depends on how big or small you want to make your window. For example, we cut two logs from the wall to make the window, as you can see here:

How to create windows?

Actually, the recipe that the game proposes to you recommends cutting up to three logs. You can do it as you prefer. In any case, you cannot build a window as such, that is, a window that opens or closes with its hinges and all that, the maximum that the game allows is what we have just taught you. But hey, it's more than enough to ventilate your shelter and allow natural light from outside to enter.

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