The best class for beginners in Dark and Darker

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Dark and Darker is quite a difficult game. Perhaps even more difficult than Dark Souls, despite the different genres. Although here, too, you often have to die, lose everything, and make a new attempt. And it’s especially hard in the first hours when you still don’t know the features of the game well. For this reason, many beginners wonder what class to choose while still getting comfortable in Dark and Darker.

Many people recommend that you first play as a Fighter, as the most simple and understandable class. However, there are others worth exploring that are better suited for ranged combat, support, or other game modes. In this guide, we will go into all this in more detail.

The best class for the first hours - Fighter

The best class for the first hours - Fighter

The most versatile melee class. The fighters are good at a little bit of everything, but they don't have outstanding stats. However, their reliable performance and ease of learning make them an ideal choice for beginners. If you are just starting your adventure, choose this class.

The biggest advantage of this class is that it can use most types of bladed weapons such as swords, axes, and spears. In addition, the Fighter has a fairly high movement speed. True, the latter depends on the armor worn.

Among the shortcomings of the class, one can single out a high dependence on equipment and a lack of magical skills. Therefore, playing as a Fighter, you will have to focus on close combat. And while using a shield against enemies in close combat can be simple, it will be much more difficult to block flying projectiles or spells. Therefore, it is better to sneak up on archers and wizards or not to catch the eye.

A simple class for solo raids - Ranger

A simple class for solo raids - Ranger

A good class for fighting enemies from afar. Although mobs in Dark and Darker can take a lot of health points with just one hit, many of them are quite slow. And even against those that are able to attack from afar, the Ranger proves to be excellent. Also, this class starts the game with the ability to build a fire, near which health is restored.

To become a successful Ranger, it is important to practice headshots with your bow. In addition, it is extremely useful to leave a safe space behind your back so that you can retreat while shooting. It is also worth mastering the use of a trap. It can be placed under doors, in narrow passages, or simply in the rear, which will protect against sudden attacks by other players.

The main disadvantage of the Ranger is weakness in close combat. He doesn't even have a bladed weapon in his base gear (although you can find a rapier or a spear in the labyrinth). If the Ranger is pinched in the corner by monsters, or a player with a character from the melee class runs up to him, then he is finished.

The best class for the first raids in a team is Cleric

The best class for the first raids in a team is Cleric

Why choose between melee and magic when you can practice both? With the Cleric class, you get the best of both worlds. And thanks to the best support perks in the game, the class is especially good for playing in a team.

The cleric can heal himself and allies, as well as enhance attacks. However, when playing as him, don't underestimate the value of bandages and healing potions, as spells have a limited number of charges. Also, don't forget about the fire, where you can recharge perks.

The main disadvantage of the Cleric is the rather average indicators of physical damage, and therefore the dependence on buffs. In addition, this is a rather slow class, so it is better not to play alone.

Let's summarize. An easy-to-learn Fighter is best suited for the very first raids in a dungeon. The Ranger can keep enemies at bay, so it's good for careful solo runs. And the Cleric combines melee with magic and can effectively heal both himself and allies, so it is ideal for trial runs as part of a team.

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